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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures of banisters...for The Bukers

I tried to find some pictures that would resemble our upstairs but couldn't find any that were the exact heres some that are close...

This one is probably the closest.

Heres a picture of a 1/2 wall.  This is the standard .


  1. Oh wow look at how nice that all looks! Loving the floor colors too. Will you have similar?

  2. no these are just random pictures. My floors are tile...and carpet :( At least untill the kids get a bit bigger, then they will be hardwood

  3. Did you break ground yet, Carlito?

  4. Thanks for posting!!! after MUCH deliberation and input from friends and family, we decided to do the half banister down stairs and white wall upstairs!

  5. Good choice! Cant wait to see your place go up!!! We have our drywall meeting next thursday!! YAY Honestly when people say it goes fast after ground break...IT GOES FAST!!