My Countdown

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pre-Drywall set! Forgot pictures because I was busy yacking it up with new neighbors!

SO our pre-drywall meeting is set for next Thursday!  So excited!   When they say the time goes fast after groiund break they MEAN it!!  It has been super fast! 

We now have doors, windows, tubs, shingles!  We were so busy shooting the (you know what) with our new neighbors last night, we totaly forgot to take pictures!  Then when I phone died.  LOL

On a sour note...our intended renter for our townhouse dropped out  :(  She decided to move out of back to square one!


  1. Everything does fly! I can't believe you are at pre-drywall already. =)

    Sorry about your renter. =(

  2. WOW...pre-drywall already...that was fast!!! Better the renter dropped out now then after already moving in. That can cause all kinds of problems.

  3. Exactly BD! Thats what we are saying. Yes it stinks because we know her well and she would be good here, but Im glad she told us sooner than later.