My Countdown

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Its been a while.....OK almost a year!

Well Hello everyone!   I have become one of those people I couldnt stand when I was in the throws of building......a "Its not you its me....Ive closed,  and well....I think we should see other blogs..." er.   Yup...the dreaded  doesnt-blog-once-the-keys-are-in-hand er.   Im sorry  :(

On a good note....I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!   Anyone building with Ryan (at least in Fl) please know you are in good hands!  These people have gone WAY above an beyond to make sure we are happy.  When I tell other friends whom have built with other company's, they cannot believe the difference in customer service. 

I am SO in love with my new house!  It has been almost a year and I still get the "I cant believe this is ours" feeling when I come home.

Id love to post some pics but unfortunetly my dear son threw my phone (aka camera) in the grocery store parking lot without me knowing I will rummage threw my new phone and see if I have any pics to share.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So exhausted...

Poor hubby is too. He ende up askin for tomorrow off. We have a lot put away but there's so many more boxes ...staring at us...mocking us.... Lol

I am SO in love with the house!! I haven't slept this good in years! Tomorrow our new KING size temper-pedic bed comes! Can't wait!!!!

We had SO much fun trick-or-treating with the neighbors last night. These people (some of them) go all out with decorations. My little pirates had a blast!

The only negative I have to say is the standard dishwasher is TERRRIBLE!!! My 5yr old does a better job than that thing...and it's te loudest machine I've ever had! Hopefully we can replace it soon.

I'll post pics as soon as our computer gets up and running. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Everyone's progress looks great!!! Very exciting!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Love at first turn of a key

Closing went extremely well yesterday. Took a whopping 42 minutes!

The hubby is at the old house helping the movers and I am at the new one waiting for my awesome fridge to get delivered. We got a GREAT deal on a 4 door 29 cu ft Samsung at Sears Outlet. It's sticker price was $2,999.99 marked down to $1,499.99 because it has a small dent in the top (which I could care less since my fridges went from clean and sleek to a kindergarten Picasso gallery! Love it).

The electrical (and water)is still being paid by Ryan Homes till Monday so this place is nice and frigid right now! Lol. Unfortunately it's raining...figures. Hopefully not too much stuff gets wet.

Pictures comming soon.... Right now it's just me and a roll of paper towels here!

Happy building. And congrats on closing Seekir!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 more hours...

YIKES!!!     :-)

So excited....would probably be more excited if I didn't procrastinate on packing!  LOL  

Je d├ęteste l'emballage!!

But is for a great reason  ;-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introducing Orlando's next rollercoaster ride...NVR!!  (my husband always gets scared when I start sentences like that. :)

We are set to close tomorrow (Thursday)
So we get a call from our LO at NVR yesterday saying "Oh we didn't get some legal documents back in time so we need to push closing back one day"  Dear hubby says "We can't do that...we have appliances being delivered Thursday and our movers come at 8am!  If you let me know sooner it wouldn't be a problem but I can't change it now."  ...mind you we also both took time off from work.  Oh course my Irish temper sees red!  DH (who is obviously much more calm and collected than I am) tells me "he said he would see what he can do and give us a call back.  About 15 minutes later we hear back from him and my DH's face lights up like a kid at CHristmas and starts thanking the LO. perplexed.  Turns out the only way they could work it so we could close on Thursday (like intended) was to lower our interest rate a quarter point!! 




LOL  so thats the tale of the newest thrill ride to hit central Florida this week!  Man those people are going to give me a stroke!!  :-)

We also had our final walk today that went great!  Few cosmetic items but nothing major ...other than the fact they wont do anything about my ugly banister :(  NOT happy at all about that expensive upgrade!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Number 4...a true neighborhood!

May sound a bit strange but yes...Im VERY excited about my neighborhood!  I haven't had a true neighborhood since I was little so Im happy to finally be giving one to my children.  I love driving through and seeing all the kids playing, people waving and now all the Halloween decorations.  Its such a great feeling!!  Where we live now is NOT kid-friendly at all, so it will be nice for them to have a place where they can have friends.  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Number 5...My cabinets and french doors (and prices for MZ...)

The 2 things im excited about in the house are my frech doors on the study/bedroom hybrid and my beautiful cherry cabinets! 
Ive always wanted cherry cabinets so I am super excited about them...and making the 42" makes a HUGE difference!  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE my french doors!  I have ALWAYS wanted them too for some odd reason.  I love old victorian homes and they just remind me of class and elegance.

I know MZ was blogging about her difficulties with non-standard and standard request in one of your posts.  I got to tell you....I had a DAMN time trying to get Ryan to do ANYTHING that wasn't already written in thier paperwork.  Everything I asked wasn't even anmything completely abnormal or anything that other bloggers hadn't asked for and GOTTEN!  So I feel you o the frustration with that.  Our SR basicly flat-out said no to most everything I asked for (spa shower install, seat in shower, potfiller...etc) without even checking with anyone.  It drove me bonkers!!!  Im still not happy with the whole process but whats done is done and I know next time to built custom and not go through big box builders of any kind.

I wanted to share how much my 2 NSO's cost us...
Now these are my cabinets.  This cabinet cost us $475 to raise it 6 inches!  I was also going to add glass doors through Ryan but that would have been anothe $700.  So they will be added after we close for 1/2 that price.

BUT ...I think it makes it look amazing.  This is a bad picture, in person it looks great. 

Once we add the granite (and get rid of the crappy counter that are on it now) and get the glass doors, it will look a lot like this.

This is taken from my (originaly) formal living room.  We then opted for it to be a bedroom because that's how we could turn the powder room into a full bath, but the door on the bedroom would just be a plain wood door and made the entry way feel very boxed in.  So I kept it as a bedroom (just adds a closet) and put the study French Doors on it instead.  This cost us another $700.

And out of all the requests I had, these are the only two they would do.

Countdown number 6: Yard

I haven't had a back yard since I was 12.  I can't wait to get a swingset for the kids and let them actually play outside in our yard rather than have to play in the street.  I love that our road is somewhat quiet to traffice and where our house is is way in the back of the Loop.  I actually went to school for plant science (landscaping, floral design, turf management..etc) so it will be fun actully having a yard and SUN to plant plants.  Where I live now is totally surrounded by trees and other buildings so we get very little light in our house.