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Monday, August 1, 2011

My two new additions to our family... :)

Dont know why it is sideways...I uploaded it correctly...sigh

Got my GE Induction convection range and the matching convection microwave.  The range I got at $1,700 off reg price and the microwave was about $200 off because its getting discontinued.  I didn't care if the microwave was convection or not, since the range is, but I guess its a nice bonus since it was on sale.  OH I also got a $100 rebate!!  So excited!!!  Dont mind the blankets...its in my living room right now since we are completely renovating our kitchen and I wanted to protect it from the skampering creepy crawlers that have taken over my home....aka MY KIDS!!  hehe  <3 them but boy can they wreck a place in T minus 3 seconds!!

I have a feeling that stainless steel is going to be a bugger to clean!


  1. I have a can of stainless steel cleaner Pledge makes. It silver with a yellow top. Pick it up at your local grocery store.

    I use it once a day with a micro fiber cloth and it works great. =) But yes, I do it once a day because all the ones running around do leave finger prints. But it doesn't take long to do, and it's not hard.

    I feel you on how fast kids can make a mess of things. I have 3. And usually at least one more over (a friend or cousin, if not more). It doesn't take long, does it? And somehow, none of them can fathom how or when the mess was made, but they sure don't want to clean it up. lol (they are getting better at it)

    Your new additions look great! Congrats!

  2. Congrats on your new purchases. You know, now that you have these wonderful new appliances, DH has ever right to expect wonderful meals being your back dude!!!

  3. Thanks guys! @Noey Im the baby of 8 and I can remember once we started getting older we all had additional friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc. My poor mom...I don't know how she stayed sane all those years :)

    @BD Listen you...the DH is spoiled with my cooking! LOL :) Luckly I LOVE to cook!! My brother is a chef at a ski resort and I learned a lot from him. I've been managing restaurants for the last 10 years or so, so its in my blood. If anything this new stove gives the DH a "get out of cooking free" card because its like nothing he has ever used before. :-D Can't wait to use her!!!!!!! Its sad....I remember a time when I used to get excited over buying shoes and Coach its buying kitchen appliances. Jeesh Im getting old. lol

  4. lol I have never been one for fancy shoes or purses. I've been more pratical. But I get very excited over appliance, decor, lighting, ect. I guess I'm old too! lol

  5. Oh are getting soooo OLD...It seems like yesterday when my 2 girls were the ages of your two little ones...and now they are 25 and almost 23...geez...where did the years go!!!