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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Across the board change..."

SO I guess my window rant wasn't without merit.  When I talked to my rep today (poor guy was supposed to be on vacation this week...turns out he was at Atlantis in the Carribean for 24 hours before they evacuated and sent him a packin') he said that when my PM called corporate about the window change I requested, they stated that all the floorplans are supposed to have the same they are making an "across the board change" to all the blueprints down here!  YAY go me!!  ;-)


  1. Yay for Ranting!!! It definitely never hurts to ask questions and press issues like this!!!

  2. WOOHOO!!

    OH NO!! Sorry to hear about the Atlantis thing. Our Rep was there too I think. =( It really is a beautiful place.

    Anyway, glad to hear EVERYONE will be getting the windows!

  3. wow how exciting! way to have everyones back with that one!!!

    (that is a great answer for a future interview on how you challenged upwards and saw results, LOL)

    My hubby and I looked at the flyer of the elevations and thought it was weird they would "advertise" one thing and then give another.

    GREAT JOB!!!

  4. Right?! I thought the same thing. Now I know that these flyers are just artist renditions..which is EXACTLY why I asked about the windows to begin with. But I guess all-in-all it worked out well for all of us Palmetto Grove'rs.

    What elevation did you and the hubs pick? That was one of our biggest flip-flops :) That and the wood banister instead of 1/2 wall...and the color of the kitchen granite (WHICH we ended up removing because I want a bigger 60/40 sink and a ogee or bevel edge on the granite AND wanted to be able to pick out the granite slab rather than just wait and see what I get... and can get it all for cheaper through our contractor thats fixing up our place now)

    WHat color did you pick for your exterior? Its SO exciting to know there is another one going up in our community! I think Im almost as excited for you as you are to break ground!! lol

  5. We decided to go with Elevation A... we WANTED B, but our neighbor is building B... SOOO we were gonna go in and put our deposit down before them, but they beat us to the punch. I was sooooo mad!!!!!! lol. and then since we were already paying a premium on the lot, we passed on C.

    We went with color scheme 13 which is...
    Body- Practical Beige
    Trim- Choice Cream
    Door- Sensational Sand

    Again, our neighbors colors are similar to ours. Theirs are lighter tones of what we picked.

    We went with the wood banister... it was one of my non-negotiables. lol i dont know why, but I had to have it.

    When it came to the kitchen, I wanted to go standard to save the money and so we weren't paying through out mortgage... BUT, my hubby was VERY stuborn and would not budge on the fact he didn't want people in and out of the house after it was done. So we decided to get it all done up front. And now my hubby has a friend that is a contractor and the guy was telling him how he buys granite for pennies... I was like, "just dont even tell me that!!!!" LOL

  6. OHH so we are getting another Palmetto Grove? Very cool!! That stinks that you couldnt get B. :( We were going with B with no stone first....then went B with stone...Then realized HOLY CRAP stone is I went with the C instead because it had the porch. We had a premium on our lot too.

    The banisters were my must too. Then after we toured a few houses my hubby agreed it looks a lot better than the 1/2 wall.

    You can still change the granite if you want...we had granite in untill we broke ground then I changed it to the standard laminate because I can get more options if we dont go through Ryan Homes. We figure we want to paint a few rooms before we move in anyway and honestly replacing countertops takes them NO time at all. So I figure while we are painting they can be swapping out my counters.