My Countdown

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So exhausted...

Poor hubby is too. He ende up askin for tomorrow off. We have a lot put away but there's so many more boxes ...staring at us...mocking us.... Lol

I am SO in love with the house!! I haven't slept this good in years! Tomorrow our new KING size temper-pedic bed comes! Can't wait!!!!

We had SO much fun trick-or-treating with the neighbors last night. These people (some of them) go all out with decorations. My little pirates had a blast!

The only negative I have to say is the standard dishwasher is TERRRIBLE!!! My 5yr old does a better job than that thing...and it's te loudest machine I've ever had! Hopefully we can replace it soon.

I'll post pics as soon as our computer gets up and running. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Everyone's progress looks great!!! Very exciting!