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Friday, August 26, 2011

More pics...

Hubby got to go in with our PM and take some pictures of the inside so far

Kitchen and dinette

View from family room  ...
Note to the Bukers...The full banisters are SO worth it!!  Otherwise the 1/2 banister is just those bottom 2 steps.

Putting up the walls to our Master Suite  :)

Other side of the upstairs ....and our great PM!

View from my bathtub window!  Can't wait!!  The sun sets SO beautifuly over those trees.


  1. Looks good...don't blink, you will miss something!!!

  2. thanks for the suggestion!!! We were talking about it all day yesterday and getting various family members opinions!!! After all the input we are still torn a little. I want it, but my hubby can't seem to picture it in his head what it would look like on the second floor. lol Do you think that is something we could change as the process goes on???

  3. The banisters? Yes you can change it as you go on. Are you getting the 1/2 wall? Are you thinking about the bottom portion for banisters or the full? Ill try to post a picture that will give you a sense of it. I like banisters, personaly. The 1/2 walls remind me of apartments in a way....but thats just me. The downfall is it's a pricey upgrade. :(