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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Block, Wood....and Kittens

Some updated pictures.  Down here, the first floor is made of cinderblock.  More hurricane and termite resistant.
Front...Driveway, garage and front porch
My roof I believe  :)

...And introducing our two new additions (we're crazy)!
 This is Luke and Leia (my husband and daughter are dorks)


  1. LOL The kittens are cute!

    Man! I have never seen a house framed in blocks before! COOL!!!

    I'm so glad you posted! I was just thinking about you today and wondering how things were going! Progress is being made! =)

  2. Thanks Noey. The fluffballs are so adorable!!

    Ya I figured, after looking at most peoples pictures on here, not many have seen how they do it here in "the swamp". LOL Being from the North myself, its kinda cool and weird to see a house start off in cinderblocks with no basement. My wood pile is not NEARLY as mountainous as most peoples here. LOL. Hopefully the good weather stays today and they can start framing today.

  3. How exciting!!!! we walked your slab the other day to see what our floor plan will look like!!!!! BTW, where did you get your appliances?? We have been shopping, but havent found any real "deals" yet.

  4. Hi Bunkers!!! Welcome to th community!!! Just so you know there is a Palmetto Grove up in Lake Charm that is in dry wall right now if you wanna go check out the floor plan. I went up there once but they were just finishing up the block. Cant wait to see what it looks like now. What options did you get??

    As far as appliances I have had AWESOME luck with the Sears outlet on Forsyth. If you need directions let me know. Also go on and put in our zip code. That will tell you all the deals around. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my induction range and I got it for $1,700 OFF!!! We're still shopping for the fridge...but I suggest getting the standard Ryan appliances and then picking your own out. Ryans upgraded options are very nice (i've done a lot of reasearch) but they are a little more expensive than buying them on your own.