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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Appliance recommendations...

Anyone have any large appliance they prefer?  I bought my GE induction range today (SO EXCITED) at about 62% off sticker price because it was a floor model!  Now we need a fridge and microwave and eventually a good dishwasher.  Down the road we will be needing a washer too.  We have a LG steam dryer ...does anyone have a LG washer (or any other brand) they are fond of?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Would love to give NVR a piece of my mind...if I could afford it...

We are supposed to break ground tomorrow and NVR is STILL request various documents!!  Im am beyond annoyed with this company right now!  Everytime we send them stuff they ask for something else.  Get your S--T together and tell us EVERYTHING you need at once! 

If they dont get this figured out today we are waiting yet ANOTHER week to break ground and I will NOT be a happy camper!

EDIT:  And that is EXACTLY what happened!  We are delayed yet another week!  Im so ready to just throw the towel in!  If we didn't already fork over 14k to Ryan Homes, I would walk away right now!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another great home furnishings site!

So while I was on "vacation" at the family compound....I stole one f my sisters MANY catalogs.  I LOVED practicly everything in it.  They are always running some kind of sale.  Heres the site...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pre-construction meeting.

Had our pre-con meeting today.  Lasted 1 1/2 hours.  I wanted to change a few things and of course got no on all of it.  I also screwed myself over with my appliances (pardon my french but Im a bit PO'ed right now)  I originaly had the premier IV package which included all stainless with a double oven convection range.  I then decided I wanted an induction range and the DH said "thats fine but why pay XYZ for a package that your only gonna use the microwave and the dishwasher?" ...OK ...makes sense.  So I dropped down to the feature III package which is pretty inferior to anything I want, but with the mindset that I will get my snazzy new range right after closing.  Well DH says today that he doesn't think we can afford my snazzy range.... OR to get back the original premier IV package..... Ummm OK so you talked me into appliances that I ABSOLUTLY don't want at all with the idea that Ill get my range and we will upgrade the rest later  and NOW your saying I can't get the range I want.  Grrr !!!  I see the couch in your future! 

WOW I sound like a spoiled rotten brat BUT to my defense the only thing (other than wooden stair banisters) that I wanted in this hous was a totally rockin' kitchen!  He got his 3k worth of Gaurdian crap though!!!    Im so irritated at this point.  I also asked RH for a 60/40 sink because I HATE 50/50 sinks...nope can do that either. this point in not even excited about this place at all anymore.  OH and its a pretty large 2 story and I asked if it was dual zone (which I was hoping since we ROAST right now in the upstairs of our townhome) and its not!  grrr   Tried to add the jacuzzi tub and was told no because the electrical is already laid out.  grrr.  At least they have made the wait for it to be done alot easier. just venting and Im sure I'll love it when its done but I have gotten nothing but NO to everything that I wanted done to make this feel like MY home and not just another Florida cookie cutter house in a box. The excitement is totally lost.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back from vacation with exciting news!

We're Back home!! thats not the exciting news  ;-)

We are FINALLY out of "permitting pergatory" as the DH has dubbed it.  We are scheduled for our pre-con meeting on Wednesday!  We couldn't be more excited right now!!!  ...Well...I suppose we could be...if we were CLOSING Wednesday...  hehe  Patience Noreen...patience.

How long is it between the pre-con meeting and breaking ground does it usually take?  We reaaaallllly hope to get started soon with the way the gov is right now.  Hopefully the rates wont sky rocket too much.  I would be devastated if we got priced out a week or two late.  :(

Also can you still make some changes at the pre-con meeting or is everything kinda set in stone (no pun)?  We would like to upgrade our bath tub but not sure if we can.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Permitting process

How long after they submitted everything, did everyones permitting process take?  We submitted our last change a month ago and have hear nothing from our rep in regards to pre-con meeting.  Now we are going on vacation tomorrow for 10 days so there goes another 2 weeks.  Im getting a bit PO'ed because my daughter starts school in the new town come end of August.