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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can't post comments...

I don't know why but all day today I've been trying to post comments and it keeps sending me to the sign in page.  When I sign in (about 67547864 times now) it goes back to the blog I was posting on and says Anonymous says: ... then just logs me out again.

any ideas???  Its getting quite frustrating

OHH nevermind....I guess its a known issue and they are working on it.  Sigh :/

Monday, May 23, 2011

In other news....

So on top of the stress of only having ONE day left to make change requests and not having a decision on IF and WHAT we are changing.... I have an interview at Disney Casting for a recruiter position first thing tomorrow morning!!  Im super excited and need a change from managing a bunch of whiney, ungrateful, selfish servers!!  LOL  oops did I say that outloud?! 

Wish me luck!!  This would be a EXCELLENT oppertunity schedule, salary and SANITY wise!!

Hoping to go from this...

To this....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Newbie Questions

So how many of you upgraded your appliances with Ryan and rolled them into your mortgage?  Is it better to buy them on your own or just finance them?

Did anyone upgrade to Cherry cabinets?  Was there an option of veneer or solid wood panels and if so which one did you pick?

Did anyone get granite with said cabinets?  If so what type of granite did you get?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A few pics of flooring and tile choices

I did the whole 3 hour CTI experience myself (thanks hubby :-/)...with the two minions in tow!  Thankfully they were both good as gold and my CTI rep was OUSTOUNDING!!!

This is our granite and cabinet choices.  Cherry solid wood cabs with the lighter granite in the kitchen and the tan brown granite in the master bathroom.  The picture makes the lighter granite (forget the name) look very yellow but its not.  You can see in the other pics that it is more neutral.   I LOVE the tan brown granite with the cherry bordeux cabinets!
 Here is almost all the choices.  The light maple (standard) cabinet is for the extra bathrooms along with the laminate counter top.  The tile on the right is for the spare bathrooms as well
 The carpet is in this one and that middle tile is for the master bath and the tile on the left is for the downstairs wet areas and dining room.  I LOVE the "chocolate squares" (as my daughter calls them) accent for the master bath.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a great night!

So we met with or NVR rep to do the final loan app.  What we thought would be scarey ended up being great!  We were afraid that we weren't going to get approved with some of the upgrades we had so we were all prepared to take some off....turns out not only do we get to keep everything we had on there but she said we had some "wiggle room"  At the end of the meeting while we were packing up our tired minions (kids) I asked about Hoooow much "wiggle room" are we talking.  She did the math and turns out we can basicly get anything we want!  Course that being said we are trying to avoid having to sell plasma every month just to make the mortgage payment, but its a good feeling that we don't need to compromise and regret it after the fact!  YAY

Love free standard upgrades!

So while I was looking over our paperwork for tonight, I noticed we get standard upgraded tile roof {BONUS} and brick paver driveway and walkway!  This excites me A LOT!  I LOVE the brick paver driveways.  I though the people on my loop street upgraded to and I was worried that our pavment driveway would look dumb (because I have SO many other upgardes I want beside a driveway) BUT turns out we get it included in the "standard"  YAY!!!  Now I just wish Cherry Cabinets, Granite, a Pool and wrought iron banisters were standard.  A girl can dream!

Final loan app TONIGHT!

SO excited!  Got a call from our NVR rep who is on vacation mind you...that she has some time tonight at 7 if we would like to get the ball rolling!  YES PLEASE!!!  We are ready to go....almost!  We still have changes to the options we want to make but I guess that doesn't effect the loan app. 

So excited!  Wish us luck!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gaurdian discounts...THANK YOU BLOGGERS!

OHH I forgot to mention in my guardian post (not that anyone is reading these anyway LOL) but when we met with gaurdian, I mentioned how some people online have said they have gotten discounts and such...  SO long story short we are getting an extra FREE keypad AND first 3 months free service (asked about 6 but he said he is only authorized to give 3 but if I like I can try calling corporate for more.  To me 3 months free is a HUGE bonus so I didn't...he actually could have said no and I would have been OK with it)  The free keypad I didnt even ask for!  The DH and I were flip flopping on whether we wanted to spend the money for one upstairs when he said "You know what Ill just throw one in ...along with remote 2 key fobs.  I think he was getting sick of listening to our himming and hawwing!  LOL 

Great guy...knew his stuff!  Was in...wired us for surround sound, ceiling speakers, my TV over the soaker tub, threw in discounts to shut me up....and he was out!   It was a great 43 minutes!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

All I have so far for pics....

This is our floorplan and our lot (and hubby)  thats about all I have so far  :)

This is our "Elevation".  We didn't get the stone (as BADLY as I wanted it) Its was and extra 7k!!!  I didn't fight the hubby on it because its something we can add down the road.

Our down stairs.  We opted for the extra 5th bedroom (and full bath) because of my the elders in our family that will be visiting.  We were going to add the Lanai but we for a sunroom builder that we like better so we will do it after.  5k for just a small roof over the cement slab is too much in our eyes.

we opted for the Owners Luxury Suite (or box as my jock husband calls it)  I think this will be my favorite room (besides my new kitchen)  We also had Guardian wire the wall above the tub...cant WAIT for that!!

The hubby and 1/2 our lot...the picture doesn't do it (or my husband) justice!  Its a great lot that backs up to dry retention and Lake Apopka.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ohh so many changes so little time...

Signed the contract a few days ago and already we are changing our mind on SO many things.  :(  Hope this isnt a pattern.

Met with Gaurdian yesterday.  You would thing the DH was in Wonderland!!  Oh haw that mans eyes lit when we started discussing home theater options!  I let him get a bit more than I was expecting we would get because after all I did get my Cherry cabinets and pre-wire for my TV over the soaker tub  :)  (not that I will get much "soaking" time with two little minions wreaking havok around the house) ...A girl can dream!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off to sign the contract!

This is SO exciting...and scarey...and surreal all at the same time!  Wish us luck!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

MORE options added....I dont think I'll ever stop till they yell at me NO MORe! LOL

So we added about 6k more of options to the house.  Granite in the bathroom, banister railing instead of a half wall (HATE the half wall)  and biggest of all a Lanai which now puts us about 10k over our initial pre-qual.  I thought the bank would just laugh but it turns out the said "...even with the added costs they should easily qualify"  YAYYY!!  That made our day!  Now we just need to get the money in the right account and find a minute in our crazy day to go sign a contract.  So exciting!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hi Blogging world!

Ok....TOTALY foreign to this whole concept, but this is one of the biggest purchases we have made so I figure any help I can get it GREAT!  We just put money down on the lot we REALLY wanted.  Next come the contract but when I looked at my floorplan (on the website) to email it to family tonight, it had changed from the one we initialy wanted!?!  Didn't know that happened.  Has anything like this happened to anyone else?  I mean its not all bad...I do like some of the changes they made but not all of them.  Maybe I can combind the two versions and get my truely perfect house!  LOL  Anyway, I know Ryan is fairly new to Florida so Im figuring they are just trying to work out the kinks, but im wondering how many more times this could possibly happen.  Guess anything is possible and they have a right to change it...just kinda odd to me.  But again...Im a "noob"