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Monday, August 22, 2011

More frustration....I should be used to it by now

So BEFORE we signed anything I asked if the windows in our house were going to be 6 over 6 (so 12 small panes)  I was told yes.  I asked again at the precon meeting and was told yes again....

I noticed today that the other Palmetto Grove that is going up across town has 2 over 4 HUGE panes.  I personaly don't like the look of this AT ALL!  So I emailed my PM about it and said "hey I noticed this and just want to make sure ours have the 12 panes" and I got this back...

Hi N,

The Palmetto Grove windows for the front elevation comes with the 2 over 2, or "4 large panes." This is what is shown on the blue prints so that is what is ordered. The style varies from house to house and elevations- all Palmetto Groves have the same style- as you saw in Lake Charm. I have forwarded this email on to S- for him to address with you, however he is out of town until Friday. Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions.


"address it" with me ALL you want...Im NOT taking this house with those windows after you told me twice they would be different.  Im so fed up with all of this.  NEVER AGAIN!

In lighter news, I guess...they started framing.  Im not all that excited because they also told my husband that instead of the original projected mid Oct close...we are looking at mid Nov.  GREAT happy to be moving in right before Thanksgiving when I was supposed to be having everyone over my house for dinner.  OH and the fact neither me or my husband are aloud time off in in the month of Nov.  Thanks again.  So happy this house is going to take almost 7 months to complete from start to finish.


  1. I sound like a whiney brat. Im sorry if I do and I know some people here have had great experiences....Im just not one of them.

  2. On a good note, they seem to be really moving along on the framing. =)

    Did you remind your PM you asked him at the pre-con about the windows and confirmed your 6 over 6 panes? And that the Rep did too? I would be reminding him and possible mentioning how confused I am because I was told differently and how incredibly disappointed I am.

    I hope Ryan makes this right by you. A company is only as good as it's employees. And right now, it sounds like the employees you have had to deal with are less than stellar. I'm so sorry for that. *hugs*

    I really hope this gets fixed and the rest of this process goes smoothly for you.

    I'm sorry to hear about your closing date too. My sister is having the same issues here. She told our Ryan Rep they HAD to close by end of November due to family coming in from out of the country in December. She was told NO PROBLEM! Now they are looking at closing the same time our out-of-the-country guests are arriving. Talk about P.O.ed.

    I'm so very sorry. Did they tell you why it looks like closing will be a month later?

    GL hon. I REALLY am hoping that things improve for you! *hugs*

  3. No its okay to vent! I was mad over cabinets and steps, so I can only imgaine having my windows jacked. I also had a window issue. They changed our windows plans because if some wind rule that the county has, howevver when going to the model home they have the windows I thought I would be getting. I think somethings that are big differences just need to be brought to the customers attention. It will save everyone involved a headace.

    Anywho, although I have had a few issues, my overall experience with Ryan has been pretty good and those windows, I don't even miss them that much anymore. Just a tad, but not really! lol

  4. Aww thank you ladies for not pointing out what a whiney brats I sound like! LOL I hate complaining as a whole but goodness gracious this build has brought out the WORST in me!

    Honestly I wouldn't be so upset (and would have chaulked it up to me not getting informed first) if I didn't specificly ask TWICE if they would be 6 over 6. :( I honestly dont know what to do because I guess they already ordered the windows. But honestly with the kind of storms we get here, and hurricanes...and 2 KIDS I want the smaller panes because they are sturdier than the huge big panes. I dont know what to do or if they will even fix it but I know for a fact I will not be happy with this house if they stay the 2 over 2. The no to the jetted tub...I can deal. The no to the 60/40 sink....I can deal....The no to the windowed door...easily changable... BUT 15 widows that I don't want to look acceptable.

  5. @Noey OMG im so irritated at the closing date!!!! Beyond words! I have NO idea why it keeps getting pushed back. Im so frustrated since this was supposed to be done by late Sept. I see some people breaking ground THIS WEEK that are getting November closing dates. WTF I broke ground back in JULY!!! So it is costing us a FORTUNE between tolls and gas to drive my daughter to school now. They act like "oh well this is how it is" UGGG NEVER again!! EVER!

  6. Wow... so I am curious what the difference is in windows?? Does it have to do with energy efficiency?? You know I am new to the building and I have no idea about windows, I am just trusting what they put in is ok.

    I'm sorry about the closing date :( we are scheduled to close Jan. 15th... I just hope it doesnt get pushed back... then I will be a really mean lady to deal with!

  7. The windows are just my own personal taste. I really like the smaller panes (reminds me of the house I grew up in) rather than the larger 2 panes over 2 panes. Of course when we signed, there wasn't a Palmetto Grove to look at so I asked if the windows would be the smal panes of glass and they said Yes. Then I noticed the one in Lake Charm has the large ones and it was a shock to me.

    Honestly its just me being a baby about it :) But when you have the house pictured in your head one way then find out its a different way's quite frustrating. I believe they are all the same energy was just a matter of personal taste. :)

  8. are definitely NOT acting like a whiney baby...NOT AT asked ahead of time(twice) and were told you were good to go. Maybe your PM and sales rep should learn to read the blueprints before they open their mouths. I for one know that any time we had a question about anything our sales rep pulled out the blueprints and we looked at the details together. I have even used them myself to check on a couple of details during the building process.

    I will however say this AGAIN to not take an answer off the top of your sales reps or PMs head...make sure you see it in writing or see it on the blueprints yourself...blueprints change from year-to-year and may be different in different developments...NEVER ASSUME!!!!

  9. I totally agree BD. My problem was they seemed to be very protective of the blueprints. I asked to see the electrical layout probably 3 or 4 times and they would call up whatever room I was asking about on the computer. The first time I even saw the blueprints were at the pre-con meeting so really I had NO idea about the windows. They are very protective of them and told us we can't get copies of them after we close unless we go through city hall. Jeesh!

  10. Wow...that is just crazy...our sales rep pulled the drawings up on his computer a couple of times, but for 95% of our questions he pulled the actual blueprints out and we looked at them. We went thru each and every room on the blueprint when looking at all the electrical information...there have also been no less then 2 full sets of blueprints in the house the entire time during the build process which I have used numerous times to check on things. It really is crazy how different our 2 areas are.