My Countdown

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One quick pic before bed.....

Our humble hovel has begun its life!  This is a picture from the back looking out into our street.  I still miss having a basment...But I think slab is quicker in building than a thats a plus...I guess  (trying to see the bright side  :-)


  1. Congrats on the beginnings of your hovel. It will go very quickly from these little wooden frames to a poured slap and then's a house!!!

  2. YAY!!! It starts!!

    It'll go fast. And you'll be happy when it's all done. =)

  3. Congrats! Time to enjoy the show! :)

  4. I know you're joking but you shouldn't call your home a hovel.

    LTG C

  5. Congrats! I love your hovel hole. :)

  6. Thanks guys!! Were very excited! Plumbing got checked and approved today.

    @LTG I was only kidding and only used Hovel because it started with an Humble. BUT it is is kinda a hovel... LOL

    hov·el noun \ˈhə-vəl, ˈhä-\

    Definition of HOVEL
    1: an open shed or shelter

  7. yaya!! So exciting! We start on the 10th and so I will be excited to follow you along your process and compare where we are at! Good luck and keep posting pictures!!

  8. AWESOME Sarah!! Good Luck! Now the fun begins! Can't wait to follow you as well...the race is on!! LOL