My Countdown

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Almost have a 2nd floor :)


  1. How exciting! Sure is going up fast!

  2. Yes...can't wait to see it all once its really a house!! When are you guys breaking ground? I love your lot btw!! That was the other one we looked at and walked. :)

  3. Well, I am glad you didn't buy that lot! LOL

    We love it too, the second we felt the breeze under the trees we were sold!

    We are still waiting on permitting. The lady is on vacation until tomorrow :(

  4. Ya our permitting took over a month :( I think its something with the floorplan because the one in Lake Charm took a while in permitting too.

    Yes I LOVE those trees...and how close it was to the pool! The only reason we picked 160 was because it was a bit bigger and we really wanted more yard space and the dry retention behind makes it feel bigger. I do miss the trees though :( We'll have to plant some...and wait 30 years lol!

    Have you met any of the neighbors yet? We've met ours and they all seem SO nice! I think we will all love it in there :)

  5. hahaha yea, we figured the premium for the lot paid for itself with the trees!

    We have not had a chance to meet any of the neighbors.... yet... but I am looking forward to it! I love driving around the neighborhood; everyone looks so nice, hassle-free!