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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Done Framing :)

They finished up framing yesterday.  It was VERY cool to finaly walk through it and get a feeling of the floorplan.  Im glad we went with the elevation we went with (instead of my first choice with the stone) because it really adds a lot of space to the dining room, my sons room and my daughters closet!

SO much wood!!  lol

All wrapped up nice and pretty!  Its like Christmas!  lol

Archway into Master suite.  Will have double doors

Hubby and princess standing in Master suite.  Picture taken from down the hall in the laundry room

Master bedroom and master bath to the right.  Can see the start of the tray ceiling...very cool!

"Hi Daddy!"

Family room and "sunroom" looking out to backyard

Kitchen will be to the left

Great view from my sons room!


  1. It all looks fantastic...glad you could finally get in and look around and get some pictures!!!

  2. Very nice hon!! Feels different now that's it's framed, huh? You have ROOMS!! lol And I do love that view!

  3. Looking good! :) LOVE the archway into the master bedroom!


  4. How exciting!!!!! It sure is going up fast! did they say when they will be putting up dry wall???

    Your house is gonna be huge! I love it! lol, and the view is spectacular!!!

    We are going in this week to put our second deposit down... hopefully we will get some info on when we break ground.

  5. Thanks everyone! Its so exciting!!!

    @Bukers Not sure on drywall yet. I guess we have a bunch of inspections this week and the trades guys comming in (HVAC, elec, plumbing) Hopefully it goes quick.