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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Appliance recommendations...

Anyone have any large appliance they prefer?  I bought my GE induction range today (SO EXCITED) at about 62% off sticker price because it was a floor model!  Now we need a fridge and microwave and eventually a good dishwasher.  Down the road we will be needing a washer too.  We have a LG steam dryer ...does anyone have a LG washer (or any other brand) they are fond of?


  1. I got the brand new LG washer and steam dryer this May for Mother's Day. AWESOME!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

    My TV is also an LG LCD LED one. Love it too!

    We just got a new fridge too. French Door. Thought I was going to love the Samsung, but ended up loving the LG more. lol So we got it too. I didn't mean to get all LG products. Just ended up that way. And I couldn't be happier!

  2. Thanks Noey. Ya im tore between a few different ones. I do love the LG LED blue'ish lights in the friges! But most we have looked at have the ice and water dispensers and we don't want them. They take up too much room, always need work and we don't use the one in our frige now. We have a Kenmore Elite french door right now that we bought years ago and I love it, but its discontinued and the newer models aren't the same. :(

  3. I'm sorry it's been discontinued. =/ Nothing like loving something and then having it gone. Especially when the newer version isn't like the older one.

    Our fridge does have the water and ice. It's in the door part of the fridge, and still has shelves on that side too. Nothing taking up space on the inside. I loved that. Hubby loved the LED light inside. lol men.

    Just keep looking and researching. I know you'll land on the right appliances for you!

  4. I just went to Home Depot yesterday and bought our LG French Door Refrigerator which was on sale for $1,000 off sticker. We also bought the brand new LG washer and steam dryer. I'm excited to use them. I love the LG line, and my parents have that line in their house as well, so it was a win-win. We did get the water/ice feature, but there WAS a model there without the water/ice and it was on sale for about $1,300 I think. French Doors, Stainless, the tracks on the freezer baskets were solid, LED lighting. I'm pretty sure it was an LG. If I stop by at all this week, I'll let you know what it was, but I'm more than sure it was an LG.

  5. That would be great NestNewbie!! Ya I seem to be drawn to the LG's. I DO LOVE...did I mention LOVE my LG steam dryer...mainly because I HATE to iron. lol Im just hoping the LG stainless is close to the GE stainless. Its amazing how much they can differ. If its a big difference Ill just get a black fridge....that doesn't bother me.