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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For bloggers who got the Moen Shower Spa...

Can anyone tell me how much this upgrade cost you?  I hate asking for how much someone paid for something but we are really interested in this and our rep gave us a big fat NO to it without even looking into it.  Kinda pissed me off considering I know of at least 2 bloggers that got a YES from RH to do this.  Im curious how much it cost and if I should push the issue or just try to do it after the fact.

Thanks for your help. 


  1. Send me a private email to and I will share the price with you...

    My wife and I were just talking about you last night and how it is very strange that you seem to get a NO for everything you ask about. We have a very long list of custom changes and we have never gotten a flat out NO. The hybrid water heater was a YES and after further evaluation they just didn't feel like it would support the number of bathrooms we have plus the soaking tub so they made the YES a NO. The other time we got a NO was on the Pot Filler request, but it was that they couldn't get it thru their distributor...RH is doing everything else necessary to accomodate the Pot Filler...changing the cabinets, rough in cold water, and cutting the hole in the granite...everything except supplying the Pot Filler faucet and installing it.

  2. We are also willing to share with you our information regarding the spa shower system. Please send us an email at

  3. GREAT thank you guys. My email (which I forgot to add in the post) is

    @BD Yes its VERY frustrating we keep getting no's on EVERYTHING. I wouldnt mind so much if he (my sales rep)even bothered to check this stuff out but its just an automatic NO on everything. THAT pisses me off beyond belief! I understand its not a custom home...but cheese & crackers isn't this why you have custom request forms??! We filled out one of those to raise my cabinet over my microwave 6". And let me tell you what an act of congress that was!!

    I have asked about:
    Spa Shower...NO
    Glass cabinet doors...NO
    TV hookup in master bath...NO
    Induction GE range instead of the one we are getting....NO
    Change my CTI selcection in one room...NO (even though we havent even had a pre-con meeting yet)
    Change the shower to a design in another floorplan....NO
    Add insulation to the rest of the garage....NO
    Tray ceiling in dining room.....NO (even though it was printed that its available...he told me thats a mistake)

    The list goes on but thats just ones I can remember without coffee yet ;)

  4. I would like to throw this out there...since your sales rep does not even submit your requests for pricing and there is nothing on your list above that can't be done for a price(usually reasonable), I would compose an email with your entire list of requests and send it to the Ryan Homes district manager. I am sure the manager will not be happy to hear that the sales rep is turning away potential additional "profit". I, for one, would be interested to hear what the district manager has to say. Maybe we are just spoiled or maybe that is why our Ryan Homes division finishes in the top 3 divisions every year. I can honestly say that I feel a little spoiled since we have been making changes right up to even after breaking ground.

  5. We asked for a shower seat, which is not available in our model, and we're getting it. We also asked that a wall be changed around our closet and the laundry room. It's also being done.

    There are two sales reps at our location and one seems to say "I'm sure they'll do that, let me submit a request" while the other says "That's a non-standard request, I'll have to send it in."

    My husband asked our guy about spa shower and he just said it was not available. I asked about a built in double oven and just got a no. I asked about a range with double oven - also a no. Some of these thing other people have asked for and got a yes reply. I think we just need to insist everything be put in a written request to the non-standard request fairies.