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Monday, June 13, 2011

QVC special on solar lights...

Since Im in a holding pattern and have had nothing much to write about I figured Id share this with you.

Qvc is doing a special for today only.  5 easy payments on everything they have online and on TV!  I've been in the market for some GOOD QUALITY solar lights that wern't completly hidious and I found some nice ones on QVC...

Im going to get these for the front walkway and driveway in the Amber color (LOVE them)

And these for the back of the house...^M23567,RecTypeInd^IOFFER,navlist^M23567*M19300*M20786*,cp^detail,tmp^related,cpprod^M24673,cm_scid^dtlr&walk=&cmtags=

I love the easy payments!  Maybe too much, in hubby's eyes!  LOL  But QVC has a great return policy so I love ordering through them.  They have some great sales!  Im also ordering this stoneware set in Cream color because I LOVE Temptations and have maching bowls to this set and its is a cheap price for a 11 pcs set...


  1. I LOVE those lights!! I'm going to have to show them to my hubby!!!!

    Great deals!! WOOHOO!! TFS!

  2. They got great reviews too. They are so different and not the typical plastic"y" pieces of crap ive seen everywhere. I LOVE the mulitcoloed one but I don't think the hubby will..hes boring. LOL But the Amber ones are very classy so I think I'll be happy with them too. Maybe Ill skip the back ones and get the multi colored for the back :) Best of both worlds!

  3. The lights are nice! Wow, you sure do have a good eye. I love the way you decorated your background on your blog and the way you had the writing down as if it is in cursive its so pretty. Thanks for the tip of the site I will definitely check it out.

  4. You will have to let us know how the lights work out. I got a pair of solar lights wayyyy back in the mid 80s...yes that is an eight zero...back when some of you were just being born...anyway, they didn't work for crap and I have been afraid to do anything solar since even though I know technology has come a long way since you all were born :)

  5. LOL BD! I was around in the 80's...I came along in the late 70's. I didn't know they had solar lights in the 80's. I bet they have come a long way since then. I see them more and more around these days.