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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Permitting process

How long after they submitted everything, did everyones permitting process take?  We submitted our last change a month ago and have hear nothing from our rep in regards to pre-con meeting.  Now we are going on vacation tomorrow for 10 days so there goes another 2 weeks.  Im getting a bit PO'ed because my daughter starts school in the new town come end of August.


  1. The initial permits are really based on the structure so changes to non-structural things should not impact the request for permits. You should be able to contact your sales rep and ask exactly when your pre-construction meeting is going to be. I do know that the main office for your RH division controls when the start date is for each home...not the individual PM and/or sales rep.

    So where do Disney World employees go on vacation. I thought working there was like being on vacation every day :)

  2. I agree with BD! We even changed our garage And added 3 feet to it and that didn't delay our groundbreaking. I would definately. Be questioning someone! I learned being quiet gets you nowhere!!! Good luck! Unfortunately, you probably wont be in until october :(

  3. I am so sick of hearing the word...VACATION!!!!!! ok i digressed! Our permit process took about a month but it was during early March before everyone started to go on the "V" word. I've noticed that things really can slow up duing the "V" months. Yes, inquiring minds do want to know where the heck you "V" when your live in a "v"???

  4. Lol @ la lady!!! Yeah my PM was on vacation from June 24 - July 5!!! But we did have a back up PM that we learned about when we tried to reach our PM! Lol
    I'm not sure how long it took for our permits lol, we started this process in late March but because we wanted to settle in Sept originally so Eyan had plenty of time for permits...we signed Mar 27 and we broke ground on June 13...