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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Got a taste of being a "stalker"...and my tray ceiling

So there is no model anywhere of my floorplan.  No virtual tour nothing ...EXCEPT...  There is a completed, sold Palmetto Grove at a community about 40 minutes from me.  So me being curious (nosey) I figured I'd go A. to see the other community and B. to take a peek of the outside of my model.  Well I drove through and found "my" house.  I had butterflies the whole time.  I wanted to take a few pictures so I could show the Hubb's but just as I started to click the button out pops Momma Bear and her Cub!!  I apologized and tried to explain that I only wanted to see the outside because I'm building the same model and wanted to get a feel of it's "footprint".  Well Im not sure if she was irritated or just didn't understand a lick of what I was saying because she was foreign.  So I politely apologized again, got back in my truck.....and drove to the backside of the house and took pictures!!!  ;-)  Heres the front...
Now this isn't the el;evation we are getting.  This is the B without stone.  I don't like it.  Im glad we switched ours.

This is the B with stone.  This is what we had first but couldn't see dropping $7,700 on just the outside so we switched to the C with the porch....

This is our elevation.  We plan on doing stone on that middle part and the pillars on the porch once we get moved in.  RH didn't offer it.

So I visited one of the other models and noticed they had a tray ceiling in the dining room.  I LOVED it.  I saw on our notes pages for our model that it is offered as well but couldnt fine it in the option sheets.  Long story short it wasn't actually available and was a typo so if we want it, it will cost around twice as much and will delay start of construction about a month.  /sigh  I would realllllly like it but not at the cost of waiting an extra month.  So I think we may do a coffered ceiling once we get in there in the dining room.  Anyway heres a picture of the model one...


  1. This house is stunning! I feel a ROAD TRIP brewing! Lol

  2. Thanks Lady! I really had no idea how HUGE it is till I saw it in person. I was a bit flabbergasted. We needed a bigger house than what we have now but I hope this isn't too big. I kinda hate the look of Florida houses (all boxey and cookie cutter looking) but we don't have many style choices :/ I LOVE your house BTW!!!

  3. Lady is right. Your house is stunning!! =) I can't wait to start seeing the construction photos!


  4. Holy Cow that is a huge huge house! I would get lost in there and my mouth will be gaping open the WHOLE time. Your house is sooo gorgeous. Its practically a mansion. Its sooo pretty! I love the tray ceiling unfortunately, I wished I had known about it before I signed the papers and picked the options. Otherwise if I had known about tray ceilings I would have requested one to be put in. Ohhh well. Your house is sooooooo WOWS me! You got to invite me over and have a slumber party! LOL

  5. WOW that is NICE!!! I love it! LOL @ the stalking.

  6. Stephanie...Thank you very much. Thast sweet :)

    From what i've been told, the tray ceiling is actually not to hard or expensive to put in after the fact. Also a coffered ceiling is really pretty too (think we may do that in the living room)

    Lots of different options :)

  7. That is nice...I looked at the floor plan. Are you doing the regular or luxury owners suite?

    Also, what is the sliding door like off the back? It looks like a 3 piece door which I assume is a FL thing.

  8. Thank Wodj. We are doing the luxury owners suite. We first were going with the binus room but figured it would just be a waste of space.

    Yes the slider is a 3 door slider. Its huge and I dont like it at all but they didn't have any other option.

  9. * that was supposed to say BONUS not binus ;)

  10. Stunning house, and I know its a bit off the subject but superb backdrop to your blog too!