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Monday, June 20, 2011

So annoyed....but its not RH fault..

So we completed all changes 2 weeks ago and drew up the blueprints.  They have been stuck in permitting for the last 2 weeks.  So I was figuring it would be sometime this wekk or so.  I was waiting for my rep to call about the pre-con meeting....and waiting...and waiting...  no call.  My real estate agent call today and it turns out our sales rep got word that there is NO way we are going to have our permit before we leave for vacation (July 6-16th)  Im REALLY bummed out about this.  SO we wont even have our pre-con meeting for another MONTH!!!  I know its not Ryan's fault and im not mad at them at all but I was hoping to be in the house by the end of Sept.  My daughter starts school there at the end of August and we figured we would only have a couple weeks of having to travel up there (its 40 minutes away!)  Now it looks like it will be a lot longer.  :(  Im so upset.  I just hope this is a small hiccup and not a sign of things to come.  Im not patient and have a deep seeded Irish temper that I try to keep at bay, but sometimes the red-head comes out in me!  ROAR!   LOL

On a lighter not my solar lights from QVC came today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!  Look like stained glass!  Even the hubbs said he likes them alot better in person!  Cant wait to plant them on our new walkway....someday!  lol


  1. NBN...Sorry to hear that the permits are delaying your progress. Have they said what's causing the hold up??? I totally understand your frustration with the commute, back in PA I had to take the hubby to work over an hour away 4 times a week. That really gas is high!

    I am happy to hear about your lights. I had looked at them after your post but of course got distracted by something else and forgot all about

  2. Thanks Minaq. I have no idea. :( Its wierd because I had a feeling it would because the other Palmetto Grove is delayed too. When we first started looking at this floorplan in April they said they had just sold one in another community and it would be in drywayy/viewing stage in June. When I went to go take a look the other day they said it hadn't even started yet due to permiting issues. UGGGGG that scares me!

  3. Sounds to me like your local government moves at a snails pace...wait...I think all of them work at that pace...I saw our permit today and it has a June 3rd date on it, but it didn't show up to Ryan Homes until June 16th at the end of the day. Hopefully it shows up soon, but if not get away and enjoy your vacation!!!