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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Found a great crown molding site...

Found a great crown molding website that gives you a bunch of ideas for remodeling or adding that special touch to your home.  (Im a molding junkie!)


  1. This is an awesome site. We are moving from a 108 year old Victorian house that has so much detailed wood-work and character that would cost us a small fortune to recreate. This site has given us so many ideas to allow us to add some character to our new house; hopefully, we can keep it under a small fortune.

    Thanks for sharing...we added it to our "Links" page on our blog.

  2. HW I absolutly LOVE your house (the victorian) Don't see alot of that down here in FL but I lived in a 98 year old beautiful house up in boston. All door and windows had molding, crown everywhere, beautiful stained banisters....whole 9-yards.

    Im glad you liked the link! The prices aren't bad but I liked it for for getting good ideas.