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Monday, June 27, 2011

Backsplash tile came in...some really nice ones

So my samples I just ordered 2 or 3 days ago already arrived!!  I love some of them...not so much other ones BUT they also sent me a 25% off coupon for my next purchase AND a $20 gift cert for my next purchase!  Seems loke a great company!  Anyway here are some pics of the ones I liked.  Tell me what you think.

Thinking this for the upstairs spare bath
 Dont mind my hacked up nail...jammed it at work.
 Possibly one of these for the spare downstairs bath.  My only concern is it looks like it would be a pain to grout the circle one.
 This one is beautiful!  Pictures don't do it justice on my crappy phone camera.  It looks sort of like oyster shells.  My only concern with this on is it seems very delicate.  It arrived well packed but had 3 tiles loose or gone.
 NOW...I thought for sure we would use this for the kitchen backsolash.  I love it...hubby loves it and I think it will go nice with our cabinets and counters and ties in nicely with the downstairs bathroom tile (square one)....however....

I absolutly feel in LOVE with this one!  It almost looks like little geode's in the center of the tiles.  I think it will go great in our kitchen.  Might take it up to the model to compare it to the cabinets and counters.


  1. Wow these samples are beautiful! I think I am going to try to order me some samples for my kitchen! The last one you have would look amazing in a kitchen! The other ones seems like they would look goregous in the bathrooms! Those discounts seem pretty good as well!

  2. Thank ladies! I LOVE the last one!! Figures its the most expensive out of all of them but its still not a bad price. Its called Roman Glass Tile. Its SO SO SO much prettier in person. The photos dont capture it well.

  3. Oh and its handmade as well (probably why its more moeny) Its baked porcelin with crackle glass poured into it.

    Heres the specific link to it.

  4. WOW!! Nice! Especially the last one!

  5. Wow...these are absolutely beautiful! I am ON MY WAY to the site!!! We still need a back splash, and we are very open to tons of options, so this is just another option to tack onto the list!! I feel like I love some of the ones above, though! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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