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Monday, October 17, 2011

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Went by the house today.  Hadn't seen the lighting fixtures (ever) or the sink and stuff so I wanted to check it all out.  Unfortunetly most of them will need to go.  But again....trying to stay positive.  Guess this is what you get when you don't look at a model before actually building.  I reccomend to anyone thinking of building to view the model FIRST!  I have SO many regrets with this house.  But least it fits our family.  Luckly all the stuff I don't like is all cosmetic, and there is SO much that I want to change and no money to do it.  But,  I LOVE the "bones" of the house and think we made great structual choices.  There nothing about the structure I want to change  :)

Crown in Tray ceiling.  Love it
This railing....confuses us.  Why 2?

Entryway with diagonal tile

Not sure about the granite with the tile  :(  I changed it last minute and wish I hadn't

This sink is a sad joke.  I don't even thing a cup would fit in it withough splashing water everywhere let alone a family of 4!  I do like the faucet though.
LOVE my cabinets!  Love the molding
This has been dubbed "The Boob-aliere"  Its way too big for our entry and looks like a cows udder.  The picture actually does it justice!  LOL  It will go.  Such a shame.
YAY we have an address!!


  1. LOL @ the "boob" light fixture! Well, the name serves it correctly! I love the molding on the cabinets as well--looks great! I'm wondering too, because I have never seen a double railing like that before. Have you asked about it?

  2. No not yet. I just saw it today. I dont know why they woulnd have ended it up near the wall. Its OK. Im sure we can saw it down...or something.

    LOL yes the Udder-ly goofy light. Ohhh geesh...its a shame because there are so many other ones they could have picked probably in the same price range. I have NO idea who picks out the lighting choices, but down here...they stink! Like I said I love the structure, but its so frustrating to have put almost $40k in upgrade in and it STILL looks like a cheap builder-grade house in a box. I would have changed all the fixtures if I could have but I A. didn't know they would look like these and B. didn't even have the option to change them. Oh well...whats done is done. My spoiled sour-puss self just has to deal untill we have money again and can change it all.

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  4. Everything looks great! Well except your banister. They screwed that up. The one piece was suppose to be cut and fastened to the wall. I can post a picture to my blog for you so you can see.

    Everything else does look great!

  5. I wouldn' settle for that double rail mess. I would make them put this in...

  6. Thank you guys for making me NOT feel like a loon! LOL Ya the more I look at it the more it makes me mad. At first I was just confused, but I didn't pay 2k to have it look like that.

    Hey it difficult to stain banisters after they have already been stained? I hate the color of ours.

  7. yea the double railing is confusing... I am pretty sure it should be pushed up to the wall... let me know what they say so they don't make the same mistake on mine!

    I emailed today about the sink... turns out because you didn't go with the granite is why it sits on top and is smaller... with the granite you get undermount and larger sink. (but that should be an easy fix down the road... personally I want a ceramic sink)

    Back to the stairs, shouldn't there be the rods on the bottom half just like the upstairs has them? I am hoping they just havent installed them yet, because again, I asked, and have email confirmation, that they should have the rods.

    On another note... if you haven't been to their website lately, check it out... there is a new model they are introducing. Also, I got a letter in the mail that they did walk throughs of your house on the 15th did you go to it???

  8. OMG are you serious?!? A letter about a walk through on our house? OMG Id love to see it....we never got it!! Or were told about it.

    Yes I know the sink is different with models that have granite. I just didn't think it would be as shallow and useless as it is. I honestly didn't know they made them that shallow. Besides, I want a ceramic one too :) We got some quotes on granite so Ill have to look into different sinks too.

    And yes there are spindles for the down banister...they are on our crappy kitchen counters. LOL They just haven't gotten installed yet. Hopefully because they are waiting to fix the mess they made of my railing. :)

  9. Um is that a brick driveway? Loving it!

  10. Carlito...yes its brick paver driveway and walyway up to the house. I ...L O V E it!! its (thankfully) a community standard. Thank you Taylor Morrison for being in there first and "paver-ing" the way. hehe Im so funny...not.

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