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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pavers, Garage and Bathrooms...

I thought I had pictures of our tile, but its was on the phone I lost  :(  Onb a VERY good note...we noticed they tiled the entire floor BEFORE the installed the cabinets.  Thats great if we ever want to change the cabinets out or have a different setup.  I know alot of builders just tile around the cabinets, rather than under them.  We got the tile on the diagonal (45 degrees) and it looks beautiful!  Wish I had a picture.

Also we are waiting for the windows to be installed in the garage...thats why the door looks a bit odd.


  1. Wow! your house looks beautiful. It's HUGE !!
    I love your bathroom tiles. Can't wait to see more pictures. We are waaaay behind you. We are expected to break ground next week and close in late Dec.

  2. Everything looks soooo good! Next time snap a pic of that tile for us! =)

  3. Everything's coming together so nicely. Love the bathroom tile! Looks beautiful. If you don't mind, how did you arrange for the tile to be placed on the diagonal? I've seen several bloggers that had that done, and it looks amazing. I'm thinking of asking that ours be done that way as well.

  4. It was an option at the design center. If you call your design center you can ask them to add it in. It makes a dramatic difference and looks beautiful.

  5. Look at those cabinets! They are gorgeous--so dark and rich! We had to do a change order with Ryan to get our tiles laid diagonally and PAY $220. We only did it for the Master Bathroom.

    Can't wait to see more pictures!