My Countdown

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One week countdown.

So i figured id finally do my countdown to what Im excited about with the new house...Im only about 3 weeks behind  ;)

7)  Garage...and just the "newness" of it all
Im so thankful to finally have a garage.  Our townhouse we have now has a carport and its basicly rotting away because its wood, was built in '77 and we live in Florida.  I hate taking the kids out of the car when they are napping and having to run through rain and try to open the door.  ...then getting in and they are wide awake. 
Our new house also doesn't have much storage inside as our townhouse does (oddly), so this will come in very handy.  As long as we can keep it neat and organized.  Nothing worse than a big clutter mess of a garage for everyone to see when you open it.  :)
I also love that its BRAND NEW!  I grew up in an old house and my first apt. was about 200 years old and falling apart.  My condo was built back in '77 so even though we updated it a lot...its still old...and not a charming old...just plain old.  LOL

My "sad" looking townhouse.  I say sad because the windows  (his eyes) make him look sad.  Also my daughter picked out that cute lawn ornament and low and behold one of my NEIGHBORS stole it!  seriously...

Ya....a little different...   :)  (still waiting on sod)


  1. Your new house is absolutely gorgeous! I know you are anxious :) I envy the palm trees right next to your house--giving you the feeling of your own little oasis! All we have around here are Evergreens...

  2. Wow what a difference! Good to see where you will come from compaired to where you are going. Nice come up! I loved living in our townhouse until we outgrew it and people started flipping forclosures and renting to Section 8. No offense to the program but major offense to the people across the street from us. Another thing I dont like about my townhome is everything being up and down in the house plus there not being enough windows to let in light to the front of the house. Ours is old and not built like the lovely ones I see built today.

  3. AW! I don't think the townhouse looks sad. It looks quaint. =)

    But yes, your new home does outshine it! =D It's lovely! GORGEOUS! I'm so happy for you!

    And yes, with kids, garages are WONDERFUL things! Or even if you don't have them I suppose. Who like carrying groceries in from the car in bad weather? lol

  4. Such a difference! I see you understand somewhat what John and I will be going through. Big transition... but boy is it a good one!

  5. Thanks guys 'n gals! Now don't get me wrong...I actually like our little townhouse still...we just outgrew her, not her outgrowing us. This was our first "owned" home so its special to me...than being said....WOOOOHOOO for my new house!!! LOL to go from 1450 sqft to almost 3k sqft will be SO great....and empty...lots of empty ;-) Good thing hub's and I are good at collecting junk! lol

    @Noey...yes she is quaint...quaint and dark like Carlito said. The only reason I call her "sad" is because you cant see it in the picture but the way we keep the blinds make the upsatirs 2 (eye) windows look like eyelids and that one on the left is always lower than the right (bathroom) Then where the door is placed...well when you look at her head on...she honestly looks like a sad face. :) but we still love her. We always make comments when we come home and drive up like (insert sad eeyore voice) "Ohhh ...ho humm...your home agian" and "oh great left me home all alone again" :p

  6. New house looks great! I think townhouse is sad you are leaving. I think mine was sad too... :)

  7. Absolutely love the style of the homes in the south, and your palm trees..very jealous! If I want anything like that I have to move to the beach. Congratulations!!! glad to hear about the stair railing too!