My Countdown

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introducing Orlando's next rollercoaster ride...NVR!!  (my husband always gets scared when I start sentences like that. :)

We are set to close tomorrow (Thursday)
So we get a call from our LO at NVR yesterday saying "Oh we didn't get some legal documents back in time so we need to push closing back one day"  Dear hubby says "We can't do that...we have appliances being delivered Thursday and our movers come at 8am!  If you let me know sooner it wouldn't be a problem but I can't change it now."  ...mind you we also both took time off from work.  Oh course my Irish temper sees red!  DH (who is obviously much more calm and collected than I am) tells me "he said he would see what he can do and give us a call back.  About 15 minutes later we hear back from him and my DH's face lights up like a kid at CHristmas and starts thanking the LO. perplexed.  Turns out the only way they could work it so we could close on Thursday (like intended) was to lower our interest rate a quarter point!! 




LOL  so thats the tale of the newest thrill ride to hit central Florida this week!  Man those people are going to give me a stroke!!  :-)

We also had our final walk today that went great!  Few cosmetic items but nothing major ...other than the fact they wont do anything about my ugly banister :(  NOT happy at all about that expensive upgrade!


  1. Wait...what? You still have jacked up banister?

    Congrats on closing and the new interest rate!! WOOT WOOT!

  2. Thanks Noey. Yes its still jacked up ...kinda. Lets just put it this way...I wanted it like yours with the smooth S turn, but instead the "Ryan standard" down here is a VERY sharp 90 degree angle. SO they took of the "extra" banister...but unfortunately I have to deeal with it the way it is. Im a bit pissed about it and dont know what else I could say or do to relay that Im not happy with it to them...but it doesnt matter. It is what it is. Now im worried my kids are going to run smack into it because its right at eye level for them. Also they left all these big wood plugs sticking out of the bottom spindle. I have these plugs on every side of the spindle. Looks like crap!

  3. had me scared something is wrong!! CONGRATULATIONS on the lower interest rate and closing.

    Hope tomorrow is smooth sailing for your family!

    Hopefully, once your in and settled, you won't even notice the railing.


  4. Sounds like the contractor you RH uses down there needs to be replaced!! Note that in your survey. Shoot, ask for the district reps office address and write a letter and send pictures if you have too.

    I am excited for you to be closing! Can't wait to hear that you're all settled in!

  5. YAY for closing today and getting a lower interest rate to boot! Can't wait to see all your moved in pictures.

  6. Thanks everyone! Ya we are going to address the cornoer of the railing more because honestly...we think its a big saftey hazard.

    Well off to packing (yuck)

  7. The lower interest rate is a plus! Like they say, "Everything happens for a reason." Congrats, NBN!

  8. Congratulations on your closing AND cherry on top low interest rate !! Can't wait to see more pictures!!

  9. Yayy!!! congrats! way to go with the rates!!

  10. It's funny how they magically make it happen and drop your interest rate on top of that...I remember our first house we bought and the settlement was getting pushed out a couple of cost us a half percentage point...our first mortgage was 13.5%...yes that is a now you have gotten thru your first day in your lovely new HOME...CONGRATULATIONS and make sure you take some time to sit down, relax, and enjoy your new HOME!!!

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