My Countdown

Sunday, October 16, 2011

11 days left!!

Less than 2 weeks till we move in....WOW kinda surreal....and scary!  We have packed barely anything! (such procrastinators).

I'm hoping as we get closer ill be more excited.  I'm just a bit disappointed right now in a few things.  None of which can't be changed, but I know us and know that they will probably NOT get changed.
1) I hate the counters (we all know that) to the point I don't like walking through the kitchen. 
2)The 1 counter I did get in granite is the master bathroom.  While I LOVE the actual granite and my tile in there, I don't think that now that its installed,  it looks good together.
3)  We only had 2 options for stain on our banister.  We picked the darker to try to blend with our cabinets, but its doesn't.  It reminds me of the old brown wood paneling you would find in a house back in thee 70's.  AGAIN....very easy fix...I just know we wont get around to it.
4)  I was under the impression we would have molding around the outside of the windows, but we don't.  They just painted the stucco white around the front side windows.  The side and back windows have nothing and just look like holes in the walls.  This irks me because it makes the house look VERY "Florida house-in-a-box" ish.  I'm from New England so I never really adapted to the style of house down here.  I'm sure with time and money we can do some things here and there to make it look less than a glorified gray box.  (again probably wont...knowing us :-)

I sound terrible griping about such small stuff and I know I will totally be over all of it as soon as they hand us the keys...I'm hoping.  I also knew from the start this wasn't going to be my dream home (I'm actually not to crazy about the new construction type houses)...but more just a solution to our current living situation (WHICH by the way we got a renter and I know her and shes very trustworthy!  I AM very excited about that stress relief!)  Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly and I can get myself out of this ridiculous, petty, spoiled brat kind of funk!  I AM super excited to be moving in before Halloween and I ABSOLUTLY love my new neighbors!!


  1. The banisters look they they are still missing a final coat. Don't judge that yet.

    The bathroom looks great!

    Honey, building a house is stressful. No worries if you need to let off some steam now and again. ;)

    And congrats on the renter!!

  2. I agree with everything that Noey814 said, especially the banister issue. Smile, you are about to be in your NEW home!!!

  3. Thanks guys. Dont get me wrong I am VERY excited!!! I think all this is is total nerves to be honest. I have NO valid reason not to be totaly estatic. When I get nervous I tend to think pesimisticly. Im just so out of my comfort zone because we went from thinking we could barely afford one mortgage to now having TWO! I mean we NEVER thought we would own 2 properties at once ...and I gotta admit its freaking me out a bit! lol So I think its my over active, negitive-nelly inside me nit-picking my beautiful new house to death! Yes there are changes I wish I had made but...I have 30 YEARS to do them! lol ;-)

  4. look on the bright least you have a cute little girl!

  5. Everything looks beautiful, I like the look of your home, it is not the standard everyday red brick, it is huge and just think of the fun involved in decorating, alot of time the accents are what makes things we might not ordinarily like look great

  6. It looks like the banister is missing a final coat, maybe a gloss or something? If not, imagine throwing some paint and photos on the wall and people wont even notice it! It might even be a fun project down the road to restain it :) (we got the same color banister, so I am pep talking myself too) LOL

    It's all coming together nicely, I am so jealous you will be in before halloween and get to meet all of the new neighbors!!!!!

    BTW- do you FB? Covington Chase has a page where you can meet more neighbors, and I must say, they are all so nice!!!

  7. Ya I did join that site! I actually commented on your comment! LOL Then my hubby was like "this poor girl is going to think your stalking her!" LOL Actually he was the one that found the site, so I joined too then saw your comment. :)

    Yes the banisters do still need a final coat. Im thinking of telling Jason not to do it so we can restain a bit easier...but we have so muych to do already its the least of my "I want to change this..."

    Have you walked thorugh ours since they installed the lighting?? Wait till you see the entry light...OMG lol It looks like a cow udder...or as my dear hubby calls it "the Boob-aliere"!