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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Banister issue....solved :)

Spoke to our PM today...hes great!  When we started to ask about my twin banister...he stopped us mid sentence and said "Yeah...I have no clue what the were thinking.  Its not supposed to be like that.  It will be fixed"   YAAAAAY!!!! 

Also I was confused why we have landscaping and no sod...turns out the place they get the sod from is flooded.  :(  So it may be next week when we get it.  Cutting it close.  But its ok.

Also our windows in the garage aren't finished yet.  He is waiting for the inserts to come in.  YAY!!!

We asked about the "Boob-elier".  Hoping they still had the box but I guess they don't.  He did get a good laugh out of its name though.  My husband wants to get the Leg Lamp from the Christmas Story movie to put in the foyer to complete the collection.  ;-)

Overall...very good phone call.


  1. So glad they are fixing the railing for you! I think everything looks really nice and I don't mind your "boob" light! I really like your diningroom chandelier. Mine is similiar but MUCH smaller! Some day it will get replaced, but we are sick of spending money, for now!! LOL GET PACKING!!


  2. LOL GS Im with ya. And Boob-elier has grown a bit on me. I started looking at other options and it seems a lot of entry lights are like it. The hubby even said "If you would like to change it, just order it hunny"...and I declined. WHAT?! what is wrong with me?! LOL SO it gets pushed to the bottom of the "must change" list. I think it will be the topic of many fun conversations.

    And I am totally with you on the spending money...hense why the perfectly good, NEW light will stay (for now)

    My daughter was so cute. Now I dont mind the dining room light at all, but I mentioned changing it out to my Hubby and out of no where my 5 yr old princess perks up and says "No mommy I like the dining room light" ...Perplexed...I said "Oh ya? Why's that?" She replied "It looks like a castle light!" ...and with that small, little comment...dining room light makes the cut! Congrats "castle light"!!! :-)

  3. Yay.. Congrats on getting your banister issue resoled.

  4. Aw...Your daughter sounds adorable!

    I'm too am glad they are getting that banister fixed. Maybe it was the dudes first day on the job and he got confused? lol No matter. It's getting fixed...YAY!!