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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Countdown number 6: Yard

I haven't had a back yard since I was 12.  I can't wait to get a swingset for the kids and let them actually play outside in our yard rather than have to play in the street.  I love that our road is somewhat quiet to traffice and where our house is is way in the back of the Loop.  I actually went to school for plant science (landscaping, floral design, turf management..etc) so it will be fun actully having a yard and SUN to plant plants.  Where I live now is totally surrounded by trees and other buildings so we get very little light in our house. 


  1. Our current town house has a yard, but it is all located under the deck and full of mud and weeds. Our previous town house had a nice yard but our daughter was less than a year when we moved so we never really used it. Add to add to my excitement, this will be the first time I have ever lived in a single family house, and I'm almost 34 years old. My hubby grew up in a single family so this is nothing new to him. So I know how excited you must be!

  2. I agree. Big backyard for my kids to play was a MUST on my list while we were searching for suitable lot.

  3. Since you were 12? WOW!!! I bet your kids will be excited to have a yard too! =)

    What a cool thing to have gone to school for! I LOVE flowers!! I just kind of hit-n-miss when comes to gardening them though. I bet your yard will the best looking one in the neighborhood!