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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cabinets are in..YAY so are my counters BOO...

Its so funny how different the house looks now that its painted!  One of my friends joked that I had that "creepy haunted house down the road" house that children think up crazy stories about.  This was when it wasn't painted yet so the stucco made it look dark and creepy.  LOL cabinets came in also YAY so excited about that!  The counters...not so much.  Actually I loathe them.  :(  Im so angry at myself for listening to my husband to take them off and "we'll do them ourselves"  Well they thought they would just change how much we owed at closing rather than altering the actual loan...nope doesnt work like that.  So we still owe the same at closing...just our loan is for less.  Which means $0.00 for replacing the ugly counters.  I was hoping they were at least attactive and had rounded edges but square edges and looks like a plank of particle board with ugly laminate over it.   Im sorry I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat (which is what my mom called me).  I am EXTREMELY excited about the house and SO thankfull that this is finally happening for my family.  But the kitchen was VERY important to me.  I've work in some of the best kitchens for over 15 years now.  Food and cooking is ,y passion and in my blood.  I don't expect people to understand at all that don't share my passion.  But to me, these inferior counters in my beautiful  home, on my gorgeous cherry cabinets, feel like a plumber that uses a fisher price tool bench.  Or an IT technician who has windows 98 on their computer,  ...I know I know a bit far fetched...but you get my distain for these counters and my anger at myself because its my own fault.  Sorry for venting once again.  Its just so disappointing to finally see them and I hope I can put on my big girl pants and get over it soon!

Now for a couple pics...

They dug up the curb today and put the stakes in for the new sidewalk YAY

Trim is done I think.  Pretty corbels added.

Booo....Hisssss      lol


  1. I understand! When your kitchen is perfect, you love to be in there, cooking, doing your thing. Our kitchen is the hub of the house. We eat in it, play games, do homework. You want it to be everything you dreamed. I GET IT!!! It's harder for men to understand the importance of the kitchen to us women. I'm not saying they don't get it, some do. It's just harder for them. You know?

    All that being said, I don't think your counters are bad at all!! I think they're nice actually. =) But it is your home and it's your opinion that matters most. In a few years you'll be able to save up and replace it with whatever you want! Different Formica, or Granite, or that other one that starts with a C. And your choices won't be as limited. You know?

    I think once it's all put together and your standing in your kitchen, you may not hate it as much. I'm not saying you'll fall in love, but you'll probably noticed it wasn't as bad as you thought. You know? I do like it though. =)

    The rest of the house is looking amazing! I love seeing all the progress!

  2. I understand your frustrations with the counter tops... I am glad I decided to just have it all done now. Just start saving and it will feel great when you get them done! The house is moving along so nicely! Do you think you will make the closing date in 21 days?!

  3. I hated my countertops too when I first saw them. I think they are called Brazilian Brown. I still hated them when they got installed, but I've gotten used to them. Plus, I can't really see them since they are covered with junk ALL THE TIME!! I am looking forward to the day that we replace them, and glad we didn't pay Ryan Homes prices for a limited range of granite options. When we upgrade, we are going to get EXACTLY what we want. And until then, I can live with it.

    I hope you will get used to them too, and can deal with them until they can be replaced.

    PS - I like yours better than I like mine!! :)

  4. What motivated you and many others to sign up with over the past year? I know it doesn't matter if Ryan Homes ruins people's lives on occasion, as it's just business. Is it just about serving yourself and protecting your investments, or is it helping them bury others so they're so far down on the search engine nobody will ever see. Or so things hopefully become obscure when the worst does happen. Your one issue, the Ryan Homes counter tops here absorb anything that's put on them. Most of the stuff looks good new, until the weak hinges bend, tracks break, and tacks come loose so stuff falls apart. I rebuilt my entire Kitchen with quality stuff for far less than Ryan Homes' charges for stuff found in most mobile homes. I know all opinions, though the place where the tumor was removed caused by home toxins still hurts, and Carmen is still on meds for life thanks to Ryan Homes little oops. As long as others are happy what does it matter.

  5. I can feel your frustrations! Perhaps when you see the finished product, you will be a little happier!

  6. Thanks @Noey. Im sure they will be fine for now. You always know what to say ;-)
    Thanks @Raveena...glad someone else knows what I meean...and OH BOY do I know what you mean about junk on the counters! We just installed a beautiful granite in our townhouse and Id like to say I can enjoy it for a month...but no... I can't even see it because its covered with loafs of bread, Sports Ilustrated, Thomas the train pieces and kindergarden artwork....and honestly I think its beautiful!
    Thanks @J&D I think they will be fine and the rest of the house makes up for it. PLUS as my sister pointed out, Im looking to start a standard countertops may not be a bad thing in the short term because I can work out all the kinks and then down the road when I have it all down pat, get my upgrade. Which now Im thinking maybe recycled glass...hmmm... :) I don't know what to say. If you would like to email me Id love to learn more about your experience.

  7. rrjackson:

    I'm so sorry to hear your story. That is tragic.

    Many of us signed up to blog about our experiences with Ryan Homes as we do the process to tell it as it happens. To be real. The good and not so good.

    I am sorry to hear what you have put here. But please don't take your anger and frustration with RH out on innocent people. We are all going through the process and blogging as we go to give real accounts of what happens with Ryan.

    Some of us have had not so good experiences. Others wonderful experiences. And then others in between.

    I hope that answers your question as to why we do this. And although it sounds like you are very justified in how you feel, belittling, or attacking bloggers who have nothing to do with your situation is not the best way to handle it.

    Can I ask you, did you get an independent contractor to inspect your home at any point?