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Monday, September 26, 2011

Primed 'n Pretty (sorta)

 House got primed (I believe).  I know the color we chose is close to this so we dont know if they prime first or if this is our actual color.  LOL  Yes, we're newbies.

 Heres the Dinette, kitchen to the right and family room to the left.

 My daughters room...that she has already claimed.

 Hallway from laundry room down to master bedroom.

LOVE my entryway and huge dining room!   :)


  1. Very nice. I love all the arch openings.

  2. Thank you Gina. At first I thought they would be kinda...out dated but they actually add really nice character to the rooms. We plan on adding chair rail and crown too so it should all look nice in the end :)

  3. Your house is beautiful! I love watching the progess!

  4. The front of your house is beautiful. I love it!