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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back home with a nice surprise...

My mom was down from Boston to visit and we (mom, myself and my mini minions) took a roadtrip down to Hollywood to visit my Aunt (moms sis).  She just had a double mastectomy due to cancer, so we wanted to help my poor uncle out.  She did great and is back to her husband-nagging self.  ;-)

Anyway...when I got home I was welcomed with a wonderful surprise (beside my DH)...  DRYWALL!!  YAY!!!

Part of the back yard with lil Miss running amuck!

Front entry way.  Closet in front, stairs behind it, study/5th bed to left and dining room to the right

Family room and slider to back

Dining room

Full down bath (bigger than I thought :-)
Study/5th Bedroom
Kids/upstairs hallway bath

Part of the master bath.  2nd walk in closet is just beyond tub.

Hallway view from our bedroom down to the laundry room.  4th bedroom is around the corner. 

Master bedroom with tray ceiling (LOVE)

Master bedroom "sitting area" (HA as if we sit!) and 1st walk-in closet



  1. yay for drywall! it's looking great! I can't wait to see it all come together. Glad to hear your aunt is doing great and back to her normal self! =)

  2. Looks great! Its really coming together!

  3. Glad to hear your Aunt is on the road to recovery. Everything looks great. Right before they drywalled our house they went around and marked the floor to identify where all the outlet and lights were so they would know during drywall and not cover something up...even with all that they still covered over our bathroom vent...I noticed in all these pictures that there were no marks on the floor...maybe that's just something our PM does...make sure they didn't cover over any of the outlets, switches, lights, or fans...especially ones that you added and may not be standard.

  4. Ya they did that with mine too BD. I was there before I left for the roadtrip, showing my mom the house and she was talking up a storm with the spray paint guy. :) Hopefully nothing got covered. The floor were still dirty from all the drywall debris so you couldnt really see the paint.

  5. I'm glad your aunt is on her way to recovery! =)

    The house looks great! So much different when drywall is up! =) Are they going to wrap the outside??

    @BD: All our outlet boxes and switches (not the plates but the rest) were in BEFORE drywall. Was your's not that way?

  6. Your house is really coming along! I love the arches! Your daughter is enjoying the backyard already! :) Can't wait to see next weeks pics. Glad to hear your aunts doing better!

  7. WOW, looking good! So different than houses up North! LOL

    Thought of you last week when DH and I were in Disney World! We took the ME from the airport and I kept looking for Ryan Homes signs! LOL

    Wishing your Aunt a complete recovery.


  8. Thanks Guys and Gals! @GS Very cool! Hope you had a great time!!

  9. Looking GREAT!!!! It really is moving along nicely!!!! can't wait to see the weeks to come progress :)

  10. Looks very nice. Can't wait to see as it all comes together.

    Only thing I noticed and maybe it is just the camera angle, but is the tray ceiling not centered? I would think it would be between the windows and it looks like it is off to the left. But I know pictures can be deceiving.

  11. You know what I thought the same thing, Gina! It is off center to those windows and Im not sure why. It does line up with the back wall of the room (which is where our bed will be anyway)but I was a bit disappointed to see it like this. Ill have to ask my PM about it.