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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A question for those who have made it past framing...

I noticed they posted our floor plan, electrical plan and our options on our sliding glass door.  My questions is (and seems quite dumb) what is posted the order sheet?  Or better yet exactly whats going into the house as far as options and flooring and such?  Would they post an outdated sheet? 

I know this sounds very dumb, but we have a discrepancy on what is posted as far as our options and Im wondering if they just didn't get our last change order in on time.

So im basiclly wondering if what is posted, is exactly what is going into the house...


  1. What is posted is typically exactly what is going into the house...everyone will follow that plan...if you have a change order that is not there you need to get to your PM ASAP...our last 2 or 3 change orders came after our Pre-Construction meeting and that is where the original document comes from...

  2. OK. Because Im a bit confused. We put in a couple change orders after the date that is stated on the sheet....but its wierd because they have our final change order on there but the one we did prior is not there. SO Im wondering if it just didn't get processed, thats why im curious if whats on the window is in fact what got ordered.

  3. What's on the sheet is what is scheduled to go in the house. Contact your PM immediately if there is something not right.

  4. @BD So after you made the changes, did they change it on the sheet that was posted?

  5. No...the sheets didn't change because all the notes and highlighting that our PM made during the pre-construction meeting were on those sheets. They took our change sheets, cut out all the pricing and personal information and taped those right to the window right next to the original sheets.