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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New (correct) windows are in...almost

The correct windows have been installed YAY!!!
  My only concern, is the one window that is missing on the right.
It was missing with the old windows and I figured when the new ones came in it would be fixed,  but its still missing, which kinda strikes me as odd. Im sure its fine, but its just strange its the same one that is missing.

They were zipping about so I didn't go in but took some more outside pics...

Heres a pic of the old windows.  I like the new ones much better!  Adds a little more character.


  1. That is totally weird. I'm looking forward to the next installment of "The Case of the Missing Window" with much anticipation.

    The old windows are probably easier to clean, but you are right that the new windows add character. The just seem right, if you know what I mean.

  2. All the Ryan homes around here had the windows that were originally installed in your home and I never even thought about it until your previous post. However, I just noticed that the last house they framed on our street has the 4 pane windows. I am not sure if that is because it is one of their "cottage" elevations or an option.

  3. I too am interested to find out what's up with that the window sitting in the garage...don't be afraid to ask your PM. Also, I know it is sometimes awkward to go in the house while they are there working, but you should not feel like you can't. We have been in numerous times while they have been working...we always try and stay well out of the way, but we also make it a point to tell them how great things are looking and that we appreciate all their hard work.

  4. LOVE the new windows!! Good Call!! =) It really does change the house!

    As for the missing window...maybe they are keeping it out on purpose right now. Maybe it is to help the tradesman work on the outside. *shrugs* I have no idea. I'd asked your PM about it. Never hurts. Let us know!

  5. Ya I thought it was strange too. With the old ones, it was just sitting in the room. With these Im not sure because I didn't go in (yet...may swing by tonight)

    About .074 seconds before I read Noey's comment I thought "since thats the master and has more detail to it with the bathroom and stuff, maybe its easier to pass things through the window than to walk them up the stairs" LOL

    Im not worried about it because obviously it needs to be fixed....I was just surprised when I saw the same exact window empty. lol

    Now dont get me wrong...there was absolutly nothing wrong with the other windows...its just that my entire community has these windows (the smaller ones) including my neighbors, so as much as id like to stand out a bit....I had more of a funky flag in mind than a whole front of different windows. ;-)

  6. @SCJ ...HAAA your too funny!! Thats what it feels like... The chronicles of a house volumn IV

  7. HOW EXCITING!!!!! I cannot wait until they get the drywall in!!!! It sure is moving along nicely!!!