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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pre-construction meeting.

Had our pre-con meeting today.  Lasted 1 1/2 hours.  I wanted to change a few things and of course got no on all of it.  I also screwed myself over with my appliances (pardon my french but Im a bit PO'ed right now)  I originaly had the premier IV package which included all stainless with a double oven convection range.  I then decided I wanted an induction range and the DH said "thats fine but why pay XYZ for a package that your only gonna use the microwave and the dishwasher?" ...OK ...makes sense.  So I dropped down to the feature III package which is pretty inferior to anything I want, but with the mindset that I will get my snazzy new range right after closing.  Well DH says today that he doesn't think we can afford my snazzy range.... OR to get back the original premier IV package..... Ummm OK so you talked me into appliances that I ABSOLUTLY don't want at all with the idea that Ill get my range and we will upgrade the rest later  and NOW your saying I can't get the range I want.  Grrr !!!  I see the couch in your future! 

WOW I sound like a spoiled rotten brat BUT to my defense the only thing (other than wooden stair banisters) that I wanted in this hous was a totally rockin' kitchen!  He got his 3k worth of Gaurdian crap though!!!    Im so irritated at this point.  I also asked RH for a 60/40 sink because I HATE 50/50 sinks...nope can do that either. this point in not even excited about this place at all anymore.  OH and its a pretty large 2 story and I asked if it was dual zone (which I was hoping since we ROAST right now in the upstairs of our townhome) and its not!  grrr   Tried to add the jacuzzi tub and was told no because the electrical is already laid out.  grrr.  At least they have made the wait for it to be done alot easier. just venting and Im sure I'll love it when its done but I have gotten nothing but NO to everything that I wanted done to make this feel like MY home and not just another Florida cookie cutter house in a box. The excitement is totally lost.


  1. *hugs*

    I'm sorry honey. I can only imagine your frustration.

    As far as the kitchen appliances go, let hubby know you plan on getting them asap, although you understand it can't be right away. Maybe for your next few birthday's and anniversaries, you can slowly start adding the pieces you want. That's not a total loss yet. Don't give up hope. Just because you can't get them right away, doesn't mean you can't get them at all.

    When are you scheduled break ground? Take a few days to get over the initial disappointment and shock of all the "no". If after a few days, you truly still feel like you will not be happy in this home, walk away. Do not pay this much money for something you aren't going to love.

    Hopefully, after a few days you will feel differently. But honestly, if you don't, I'd consider walking away. (I hope it doesn't come to that, but honestly...this is a lot of money to pay for something you just aren't happy with)

    Again....*big hugs* I know your frustrated and disappointed right now. I'm so sorry.

  2. Thanks Joey. I hate..HATE complaining because I am so blessed and so thankful for getting a house that can fit our family. I'm just so tired of all the Jo's. Its just sapped all the excitement out of this journey so far. That and I'm really irritated with DH right now.

    We break ground next Wed. We already put down over 10k...I can't really walk away without losing that money ...and probably my marriage! Lol. Kidding.

    Hopefully I get out of this funk. But I'm really disappointed.

  3. That said NOEY.....dumb phone. Lol

  4. Sorry to hear that you are unhappy; however, it is easy to understand your frustration. Hopefully, you and your hubby can work things out. Marriage is about compromise and both parties have to be willing to give and take. We have faith that all will work out in the end. Love your house and looking forward to following the building process.

  5. WOW!! yeah...don't walk away from that money! lol

    I do understand where you're coming from. You can get your kitchen stuff over time. And the good news is, it won't be in your mortgage! =) And you won't be stuck with whatever RH brand is in your area. You'll be able to chose whatever you want! And who knows, you maybe able get some as soon as Christmas! Keep the faith!

    As the home goes up, you'll start finding the excitement again. Like you said, a house where you all will fit! (something I can TOTALLY relate too!) And it's brand new and it will be all yours!

  6. I understand your fustration! You feel like since your building you should get what you want, not something you have to settle for. I think once you move in you'll be happy and like Noey and HW said you can always upgrade those appliances (birthday gift, anniversary gift, you might come into some money you didnt think you would have). What really matters is structual changes, those are very hard to do. I hope things go a little smoother and maybe you should call your sales rep or call the Ryan Head Quarters and talk to someone who has more authority. We had to call someone who was in a higher place than my sales rep to get them to honor an incentive they had on their website. They told us that they never updated it and could not give it to us, because the incentive had passed however the webpage did not have an end date and we got the house thinking we would have that upgrade. just not to ramble on and on, the manager gave us our cabinets after we spoke to him. We just calle dhim and was cool and calm and told him how we felt about Ryan not supplying those cabinets and how misleading it was and we are spending a lot of money and hope that we are dealing with a fair company. :) Fingers crossed that your journey is better praying for your DH. :) The couch is not comfy!

  7. You can pass this on to DH...I agree with the ladies above...hmmm...did I just say that!!! Might have to think of another definition of DH.

  8. Thanks Guys and Gals! I should know by now not to blog (or drive) when Im upset ;) SO my DH (emphasis on the D) called me at work today...I guess he didn't get the memo that i was ticked off at him....ahh cluelessness is bliss for some. Anyway, he said "So I call S (our rep) and I downgraded our appliances to what comes standard with the house" ...OK....Im thinking in my mind "wow ...I REALLY hope you are going to tell me its because we won the lottery and are building a Mansion instead otherwise beatings will commence when I get home!!!" He crunched some numbers and after talking to our contractors who are remodeling our house we are in now (another blog for another time) they can probably do our granite for a fraction of the cost WITH my 60/40 sink AND my Double Ogee edge that I have been wanting badly.

    I dont know if I have mentioned how much I HEART my husband!

    He said with the money we save with our contractors, we can go ahead and get my Induction range AND a brand new stainless fridge that I had my eyes on AND a moderate microwave for over the range.

    I REALLY should have know, my husband would come through somehow for me. I should known, because hes the most amazing man I have ever known. I should have known that he wants me to be happy even more than I want myself happy. I should have known that Im a spoiled brat and he wouldn't have wanted to listen to my whining for the next 3 months!! lol Nah Im honestly not bad and am actually pretty laid back. I just wanted a great kitchen since I spend most of my time and preggo in it!! HAAA

  9. Awwwwwww....your DH is so sweet! and lol @being barefoot, preggers and cooking in the kitchen ha ha! too much for tv! great, great news!!!!

  10. LOL Chelly!! Yes he is sweet. And I should probably amend that blog...Im NOT preggers by any means!! LOL We have 2 kids and have NO problem having them so all my friends used to make jokes that I will be barefoot and preggo for the rest of my life! LOL We do want a 3rd but we want to foster or adopt. So many un fortunate children and so few loving homes.

  11. Lovely post !!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post !!! Thank you for sharing this amazing piece of work with us!