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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back from vacation with exciting news!

We're Back home!! thats not the exciting news  ;-)

We are FINALLY out of "permitting pergatory" as the DH has dubbed it.  We are scheduled for our pre-con meeting on Wednesday!  We couldn't be more excited right now!!!  ...Well...I suppose we could be...if we were CLOSING Wednesday...  hehe  Patience Noreen...patience.

How long is it between the pre-con meeting and breaking ground does it usually take?  We reaaaallllly hope to get started soon with the way the gov is right now.  Hopefully the rates wont sky rocket too much.  I would be devastated if we got priced out a week or two late.  :(

Also can you still make some changes at the pre-con meeting or is everything kinda set in stone (no pun)?  We would like to upgrade our bath tub but not sure if we can.


  1. Congrats on being ready for your pre-con meeting!

    If you want to make any changes, I'd do them now before your pre-construction. I think the pre-construction meeting is the very last time you can change much. After it's all be order, you really can't do much.

    I think in MOST cases (not all) you end up breaking ground within in 2 weeks of pre-con meeting. Your PM will tell you the projected break ground date at the meeting.


  2. It's hard to say. According to our sales rep, the main office meets on Monday afternoon and they make all the plans for the week...lots to buy from developers and houses to break ground on. All ground breaking happens on Wednesday's here, but if all permits are in place you could start anytime.

    As for making changes, I won't even guess...we made changes after our pre-construction meeting, but we have never been restricted...

  3. That's awesome BD! We were told after our Pre-con meeting it was too late to make changes.

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