My Countdown

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Would love to give NVR a piece of my mind...if I could afford it...

We are supposed to break ground tomorrow and NVR is STILL request various documents!!  Im am beyond annoyed with this company right now!  Everytime we send them stuff they ask for something else.  Get your S--T together and tell us EVERYTHING you need at once! 

If they dont get this figured out today we are waiting yet ANOTHER week to break ground and I will NOT be a happy camper!

EDIT:  And that is EXACTLY what happened!  We are delayed yet another week!  Im so ready to just throw the towel in!  If we didn't already fork over 14k to Ryan Homes, I would walk away right now!!


  1. Boy have I been there took them almost 3. Months to break ground with us ! They just started us this week ! But now they are moving I told them give me a upgrade or something money off for the delay because they gave us a start date of June and a closing date of 8/15 which will now be end of sept early oct . Which they did . Now they are moving along but it was 3 months of nothing for awhile there Ours was a problem with the HOA papers etc not anything to do with loan tho they told us they would let us out and give our 10k back but we hung in there we gave them a deadline after the run around also i went over the PM and salespersons head to the area mgr Hang in there

  2. Thanks Robert! That helps quell my fury I have going on in my head right now! Im going to tell them if ground is not broken by this time next week we want our money back! Im sick of this! You wait till the last minute to ask for stuff and even though I get them to you as soon as you sent the e-mail (what if I was working?! Luckily im off today) you STILL screw us over! We were supposed to close BY the end of September. See my rep is smart and wouldnt give us a definate date. We are now looking at end of Oct...which makes me drive my 5 year old to school 45 minutes away EVERY day for 2 months! THEN another hour to Disney if its on days I have to work and my hubby cant do it! DAMN IT I feel like demanding my jetted tub now...that they told me no to!

  3. I agree with you. They should come up with an upgrade to make up for the delay. Hang in there the end you will have a nice new HOME!!!