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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a great night!

So we met with or NVR rep to do the final loan app.  What we thought would be scarey ended up being great!  We were afraid that we weren't going to get approved with some of the upgrades we had so we were all prepared to take some off....turns out not only do we get to keep everything we had on there but she said we had some "wiggle room"  At the end of the meeting while we were packing up our tired minions (kids) I asked about Hoooow much "wiggle room" are we talking.  She did the math and turns out we can basicly get anything we want!  Course that being said we are trying to avoid having to sell plasma every month just to make the mortgage payment, but its a good feeling that we don't need to compromise and regret it after the fact!  YAY


  1. WOOHOO!! That's great news! You definitely want to stay in budget! No plasma! (it takes hours! lol) But it's good to know that you have room to add something should you need it.

    Things to consider:

    1.Outlets: the garage only comes with one! It's $50 an outlet to add them. Do you have enough in your garage? Island? Closet? (yes...we put one in a closet. Good for steaming clothes and charging Christmas presents. lol)

    2. Patio: I know you were talking about a lani. But have you considered a patio? Adding it now may be cheaper than doing it later.

    3. Carpet padding: Did you upgrade? I know where you are doesn't get as cold, but just a thought.

    4. Garage: are you having it finished?

    5. Lighting: Did you know you upgrade your lighting packages and have different fixtures? Then again, it's about the same price to do it on our own later.

    6. Landscaping: Can you upgrade the landscaping (sod all around?)? If so, what would that cost be? Are you even interested?

    7. Attic: Do you want an floored completed attic?

    Just some things to think about! That's all. I know you are building a beautiful home you will be happy in for a very long time!! =) Really glad the meeting went well.

  2. Yay! Congrats! I wish we could have got a patio...that was not an option here in Pittsburgh! I think upgraded padding is a must! We also did the lighting upgrade and outlet in the garage. We did not finish our garage (hubby said didn't need it) we didn't know about landscape upgrade! We practically did every othe upgrade possible! Lol...when they gave us wiggle room we ran with it...and will literally be paying forever! Scary!

  3. Wow thanks Neoy!! Great bucket list! Its funny one of my questions on my sheet for my rep is outlets...where and how many.

    As far as the patio...we are going to get a lanai (basicly a cement slab in the ground with a roof over it) Thats all that we have down here in FL. I miss my Boston home with my big wrap around deck.

    Carpet padding: Yep thats on my list for the design center. getting it in the family room and if we have extra room, upgraded padding in the bedrooms too.

    Garage: We are lucky enough that it is a community standard to have the garage finished, trimmed and painted! YAY

    Lighting: Im actually ok with alot of the standard lighting fixtures. We did opt for recessed in the kitchen.

    Landscaping: This I may look into. The standard package is nice but I may see what else they offer. I hate the grass in FL (St.Augustine) but I do want a Magnolia tree and maybe a fruit tree. We'll see. I went to school for landscaping so I can probably do alot myself.

    Attic: :*-( We dont get these either in Florida. No basement (which I miss dreadfully) and no attics. Just garages that people use as storage facilities.

    Basiclly the only thing we were prepared to leave off is the Lanai so now we get to keep it. Now to just convince the DH to add the stone front 0:-) Wishfull thinking.

  4. Haa momoftwins!! Thats how I feel too. Hey you gonna give me the room Im gonna take it. ...then comes the monthly payment calculations. YIKES! Hopefully the pimp down the street is hiring...Ill send my hubby to him! lol

    Honestly after talking about it...yes every 1k ='s about 7 bucks a month. An yes that $500 upgrade will cost 4k after 30 years ...BUT the hubby and I are not handy at all (which is a shame since my dad was a contractor!) so we both figure we might as well go for gusto and get it all done now because, lets be honest with ourselves, we will NEVER end up doing 1/2 the stuff we say we can add later. SO yes we will do painting and maybe some tiling but beyond that we are never gonna get to it. We both work crazy schedules and have 2 little ones...we're lucky if we can spend more than 38 seconds in the bathroom without chaos breaking out!! :)

  5. Omg! That is exactly what we said!!! If we wait to do this, and do that....we will NEVER have a finished house! That is why we said it I a once in a lifetime thing and just did it all! Now when we move in, everything is finished! We just have to pay to get a concrete patio put in, fence and paint...and VIOLA! We are done! No offense to my husband but he is handy but always in a hurry and does sloppy work! I didn't wan that...he is a plumber, not a contractor! Lol! Rather spend more money and have it done right all at once! Not do later! That = never getting it done! We think the same!

  6. lol Ya'll trip me out!!

    We thought the same thing. Once in a life time...this our our FINAL home until our 3 little ones leave home. If we wait for the big stuff, I knew we'd never do it. So we splurged on cabinets and granite and such. We are NOT handy-men. We are saving by doing our own garage (his brother thinks he may be able to help us there). And we want a fence and to paint. We did add 3 fan rough-ins (it came with 2 already) and Light rough in for the study. We did opt for them to put the fixtures in. We did save by saying we would get these ourselves. (the little stuff..ya know?)

    I feel like ya'll. My girls are 2, 6, and 9. Constant chaos!! (and my eldest has the adhd). I don't even get the luxury of being able to go the bathroom and pee alone! lol Sorry...TMI!

    Oh, Noob, ask your rep about the codes!! I was worried about the outlets, especially in the kitchen! We were lucky enough to walk through the model and look (there isn't a model of your home, right?) But we also doubled checked with our Rep. Here outlets are every 6 ft. or so. And we had a ton in the kitchen. I may regret not adding a 2nd outlet to my island..... But they should be able to help you there.

    Again, outlets are $50 an outlet. The garage comes with 1. We added 3 more. One for each wall (the fridge needs it, the riding jeep the kids have needs charged, we need one to vacuum out the car, ect.), and then on the small little wall right to next to the garage door.

    I think BD originally said something about 1 in the closet. We have two master closets so we added on to one of them. Our PM loved the idea. He asked if it was ironing and said something about wishing they would have thought of it. lol

    I know in the end you'll have a beautiful home you love!! =) (Jealous you get the finished garage and of your driveway! lol)

  7. Yes im deffinetly outel'ing up the heck out of this house!! From what I saw in a model (not a model of mine but one with the same island) there are two outlet in the island and 2 or 3 on the kitchen counters. I deffinetly want at least 3 in the garage and of couse 1 in both of the walk in closets. I also want one at the top and bottom bases of the stair railing so I can do christmas lights on them without having cords everywhere.

    I really wish there was a model of our house...or at very least pictures of it! I can not believe we are build a house completely sight unseen. We're crazy!

  8. Yeah for the outlets at the top and bottom of stairs. You sound like my wife with the Xmas decorations. We added a bunch of outlets just for Xmas...outside too. We spent hours(yes plural) going over each and every room looking at outlets and also pay attention to which outlets are controlled by a switch..epecially in the bedrooms. It is actually easier to do this task sitting with your sales rep with the electrical blueprints spread out in front of you.

  9. OMG our extra outlets cost us $125 each! We only ended up getting one extra in the garage and one extra outside :( $125....ridiculous!

  10. WOW....that is crazy...additional outlets for us were only $50....the $125 sounds more like the price for adding lights that would be on a switch...if not the $125 is totally ridiculous...worst part about that $50 a pop, most people would add a whole bunch...we added $125 we probably would have only added 2.

  11. I know right?!?! My jaw almost hit the floori when he told me that.