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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hi Blogging world!

Ok....TOTALY foreign to this whole concept, but this is one of the biggest purchases we have made so I figure any help I can get it GREAT!  We just put money down on the lot we REALLY wanted.  Next come the contract but when I looked at my floorplan (on the website) to email it to family tonight, it had changed from the one we initialy wanted!?!  Didn't know that happened.  Has anything like this happened to anyone else?  I mean its not all bad...I do like some of the changes they made but not all of them.  Maybe I can combind the two versions and get my truely perfect house!  LOL  Anyway, I know Ryan is fairly new to Florida so Im figuring they are just trying to work out the kinks, but im wondering how many more times this could possibly happen.  Guess anything is possible and they have a right to change it...just kinda odd to me.  But again...Im a "noob"

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  1. Welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging world. Enjoy the process and by all means ask questions, share ideas, problems and solutions. As you will find this little community of ours loves to be helpful and supportive.

    As for your question, I have seen layouts change mid flow. We are building an Avalon and it is is actually version 12 and we just recently found out they are no longer offering the solarium in our area, but we are grandfathered in. If you haven't already talk to your sales rep and negotiate...they may let you blend the two versions if possible