My Countdown

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final loan app TONIGHT!

SO excited!  Got a call from our NVR rep who is on vacation mind you...that she has some time tonight at 7 if we would like to get the ball rolling!  YES PLEASE!!!  We are ready to go....almost!  We still have changes to the options we want to make but I guess that doesn't effect the loan app. 

So excited!  Wish us luck!


  1. WOW!! GL!! Hope it goes better than ours did!! Ours was full of mistakes! And so far, our NVR Rep has contacted us, but the actual loan rep for the mortgage company has yet to get back to us and we have been calling and calling and calling. *sigh*


  2. So the rep you initialy deal with isn't the person that does the actualy mortgage app? Geesh I feel like such a newb! We bought our condo a few years back and I swear you would think this was a whole new process for us! I tell the DH It must have went really smooth or SO bad I blocked it from memory! LOL

  3. NONONO!!! We technically are using NVR. But they couldn't approve us directly. So they are using a another mortgage firmed (brokered out) to do it. And they did pre-approve us. Half our hold up as been NVR and this mortgage company finishing all their legal work to be brokered. So we have an NVR Rep and a Loan Rep.

    If you are just using NVR, who you are speaking to should be the loan rep. =) The only person you won't know is the underwriter.

  4. Ohhh OK thank you! I was getting confused for a minute (doesn't take much)

    Ya we got pre approved through a few different banks but got approved for more through NVR, plus they have the incentive shackles that get you everytime. We've been nervouse because this will be our second home (we cant afford to sell our condo right now. Bought in 06 for 202k, put 50k down....its now worth 67k and we owe 145k!...did I mention Florida SUCKS for housing right now!). We thought for sure we went getting anything. But it turns our to our TOTAL surprise the DH an my credit is in the excellent level (dont know how that happened) and our debt to income isn't nearly as bad as we thought! We are so excited we almost slapped our heads thinking "why didn't we try sooner?!" I love my condo, but for as big as it is its only 2 bedrooms. We have a boy and will become awkward sooner than later. Hense the upgrade from 2/2.5 to 5/3!