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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love free standard upgrades!

So while I was looking over our paperwork for tonight, I noticed we get standard upgraded tile roof {BONUS} and brick paver driveway and walkway!  This excites me A LOT!  I LOVE the brick paver driveways.  I though the people on my loop street upgraded to and I was worried that our pavment driveway would look dumb (because I have SO many other upgardes I want beside a driveway) BUT turns out we get it included in the "standard"  YAY!!!  Now I just wish Cherry Cabinets, Granite, a Pool and wrought iron banisters were standard.  A girl can dream!


  1. LOL Is there a community pool?

    Sounds like some awesome free upgrades!! =)

  2. Yeah, anything free is grrrrreat! *in my tiger the tony voice* I hope we get some freebies!

  3. Yes Noey we have a community pool and its only about 3 houses down.

    Wow I just read that post and it looks like I was drunk! LOL I need to learn to type slower!