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Sunday, May 15, 2011

All I have so far for pics....

This is our floorplan and our lot (and hubby)  thats about all I have so far  :)

This is our "Elevation".  We didn't get the stone (as BADLY as I wanted it) Its was and extra 7k!!!  I didn't fight the hubby on it because its something we can add down the road.

Our down stairs.  We opted for the extra 5th bedroom (and full bath) because of my the elders in our family that will be visiting.  We were going to add the Lanai but we for a sunroom builder that we like better so we will do it after.  5k for just a small roof over the cement slab is too much in our eyes.

we opted for the Owners Luxury Suite (or box as my jock husband calls it)  I think this will be my favorite room (besides my new kitchen)  We also had Guardian wire the wall above the tub...cant WAIT for that!!

The hubby and 1/2 our lot...the picture doesn't do it (or my husband) justice!  Its a great lot that backs up to dry retention and Lake Apopka.


  1. It's beautiful!!! =) You're going to love it!!

  2. Thank you Noey! And thank you for your blog. Its has REALLY helped alot!

  3. Love your lot! We were goin to wire the wall above tub too! But there Wang a free wall :( sooo sad! And I am very jealous that you live in Florida and work at Disney ...especially when we had cold and rain for last 2 months! We had a trip planned to Disney August 20 and cancelled. That would have been neat!

  4. problem! =) That's what I hoped for when I started it.

    Did you notice that by getting the optional owner's bedroom suite, it makes all the other bedrooms a little bigger too?