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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A few pics of flooring and tile choices

I did the whole 3 hour CTI experience myself (thanks hubby :-/)...with the two minions in tow!  Thankfully they were both good as gold and my CTI rep was OUSTOUNDING!!!

This is our granite and cabinet choices.  Cherry solid wood cabs with the lighter granite in the kitchen and the tan brown granite in the master bathroom.  The picture makes the lighter granite (forget the name) look very yellow but its not.  You can see in the other pics that it is more neutral.   I LOVE the tan brown granite with the cherry bordeux cabinets!
 Here is almost all the choices.  The light maple (standard) cabinet is for the extra bathrooms along with the laminate counter top.  The tile on the right is for the spare bathrooms as well
 The carpet is in this one and that middle tile is for the master bath and the tile on the left is for the downstairs wet areas and dining room.  I LOVE the "chocolate squares" (as my daughter calls them) accent for the master bath.


  1. Love your choices! I picked mine 5 months ago, so I can't wait to see them in the house one day! I forget what I! I know I picked cherry cabinets! I can't believe you were able to make all those choices by yourself! I had my husband with me to help ( I make all decisions, hehe) I am so darn indecisive that I still kept switching everything until the building started! It was happy you got to do some fun stuff :)

  2. Picking out the colors for me was the funnest part of the whole house building process other than picking out the options that go with the house. I do love the chocolate squares it will go beautifully in the bathroom wish I had that option (pouts). Cannot wait to se the pictures when your house is all done and the colors are in. :)

  3. I think your granite choices are St. Cecelia and Uba Tuba...I think....

    I loved the colors meeting!! We had our toddler with us. She was great! And the our Rep there was super awesome too.

    I can't wait to see your choices in your new home!! It's going to be beautiful!

  4. You have great design taste! Love the way the colors go together!

  5. Thanks guys! It was fun. I just feel bad hubby couldnt come but he gets to swing by there today and check it all out. Im sure he'll like what I picked. We have pretty similar taste.

    @Noey YES! Thats the name of the light one, St. Cecelia! I couldnt remember. The dark one is called Tan Brown. I liked the Uba Tuba but its kinda common down here. I see it in alot of homes here and although I loved the green in it, it didn't really go that well with the rest of my bathroom stuff. So I went with the Tan Brown instead. The Hubbs like the Uba Tuba...he got veto'ed

  6. LOL You go girl!! I do love your choices! I have St. Cecelia going in our kitchen too! =)

  7. Love your choices, so hubby should just deal!!! We have the same cabinets and the Santa Cecelia granite in the kitchen...we think the 2 look fantastic together, which has been confirmed by numerous other bloggers who have selected the same. We got a custom OGEE edge added to the kitchen granite...hoping they screw up and do it to the granite in the master bath and basement wet can only hope.

  8. Awesome!! Thanks BD! Ya I LOVE the tan brown granite and cherry look but I deffientely think it will make our VERY casual family room look a bit out of place. It looks so pretty but a bit to...ohhh..regal'ish (so to speak) for us for a kitchen. Thats why I totally went for it in the bathroom! ...not that our bathroom is "regal" or anything of the sort ;)

    I am SO hoping they offer different edge options for the granite. I truely dont like the standard bullnose. Nothing against it...just not my taste. I LOVE the Ogee and cove ogee (i think they call it) and the chisled (sp) That one is my fav because it looks like they just cut it from the earth and plopped it into my kitchen. But its a bit ridged and kinda sharp corners and with 2 minions running a muck, that may not be the best choice.

    Is that possible to do after they install it if they dont offer that option? (which "no" seems to be the standard for everything in my community) Or would they need to be removed and then grinded down?