My Countdown

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Its been a while.....OK almost a year!

Well Hello everyone!   I have become one of those people I couldnt stand when I was in the throws of building......a "Its not you its me....Ive closed,  and well....I think we should see other blogs..." er.   Yup...the dreaded  doesnt-blog-once-the-keys-are-in-hand er.   Im sorry  :(

On a good note....I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!   Anyone building with Ryan (at least in Fl) please know you are in good hands!  These people have gone WAY above an beyond to make sure we are happy.  When I tell other friends whom have built with other company's, they cannot believe the difference in customer service. 

I am SO in love with my new house!  It has been almost a year and I still get the "I cant believe this is ours" feeling when I come home.

Id love to post some pics but unfortunetly my dear son threw my phone (aka camera) in the grocery store parking lot without me knowing I will rummage threw my new phone and see if I have any pics to share.


  1. Hey there Noob!! So good to hear from you! I'm so glad you are happy with your new home. Please post pictures! Everyone who was blogging when we were building has dropped off and I need decorating inspiration!

  2. HEY Ravenna!!! Hows the house?!?! OMG you do NOT want decorating advise from me. Like my sister says I might as well be blind. We havent even painted yet :( Unfortunately most of our money gets sucked into our condo that we are renting till we can blow it up...I Ya thats what I mean. ;)

  3. Hi just finding your blog! Would love to see pictures! We are building a Rome in the Maryland area! It's exciting to see home owners from the past still visiting the blog. Thank you!

    Please feel free to follow our blog at It has taken us nearly a year to get started and we are expected to break ground on September 17.